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Hello /3/, first time posting here, I posted this on /g/ and they suggested me this board.

lets say I want to simulate a ball inside another one. the inner one has a lower density than the outer one, I would like to measure the impact points and if possible, the impact strenght. can this be done with something like blender? I don't know about alternatives.
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not sure about measuring the impact points but pic took me less than a minute on cinema 4d using two balls a boolean for extracting the hole and just a quick dynamics tag and changing the friction/bouncing value.
doesnt look very good desu
well if you put an hour of two it could look like the op pic easily.

Thanks for the info, but the pic is just there as a example. Think about doing something like a ribcage (outer ball) and guts (inner ball) so you can simulate impacts. that's why I asked for impact points. the ribcage/guts is also a example but it's more accurate, as I'm willing to simulate some bodyparts being hit.
anyway, thanks for the info, I didn't even know about cinema 4d
I didn’t know this board was so slow when I posted here. I waited until it was on last page to bump it to not be annoying, I’ll bump this just once to gather more information.

So, as I said befor, if I want to simulate a body inside another one and then test impacts on it (think about the bowels inside the body) what should I do?
I heard about a software called Solidedge, but it seems to be just for solid pieces.
honestly this sounds like something that could be done with a bit of coding. why did /g/ send you here?
They only know about muh' gentoo
rigid body physics.
the container need to be passive the ball is active.

you can choose the mass from premade presets
oh also forgot to mention.
if you want accurate collision you need to change collision from convex hull to mesh
here is the .blend file

i changed the mass to plastic

updated the simulation, just hit play
I downloaded and installed Blender, but I don't know why it just does not work. It doesn't even open.
I'll keep trying.
Could be your computer's configuration.

Could help if we know what specs it has.

Sorry, I'll try it myself first and come back if I can't solve it.
What happened here? a lot of threads don't have images and its pretty difficult to find and acces them.
zbrush has decimation tool and 3ds max has proOptimizer modifier

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