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Highschool student learning modeling for the first time here.

I know it's really shitty and has a bunch of issues, but is there any hope for me as a CG artist?
why do you ask if there's any hope for you as a CG artist if you're a HS student who just started modeling?

just keep modeling more and you'll get good
File: 1486256766813.png (359 KB, 1434x888)
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First off, I don't know much about guns or at least how they work.


How the fuck does this even function as a weapon?
80% of it is just nonsense.
File: GpeEXny.gif (182 KB, 480x210)
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/vr/ here, it's the Kriss Vector / Kriss Super V
Well then.

I guess you learn something new every day.

Carry on, OP.
out of curiosity, why couldn't they put the mag well and trigger assembly behind the grip? Something to do with the weird recoil system the Vector has?
See the big yellow piece that moves down? That's critical to the design of the Kriss Vector. It's designed to transmit the energy downward instead of toward the rear which will reduce recoil. There isn't much room for it at or behind the grip, and it's better for it to move the energy downward at the middle of the gun rather than the back, else it would jerk upward anyway.
File: taste the carpet.jpg (1.87 MB, 2400x1600)
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1.87 MB JPG
I think he's talking about using this type of action in a bullpup configuration.

/k/ here, 2 reasons why not.
1: The huge majority of the weight would be too far back, making the rifle unbalanced and ungainly, especially with a fully loaded 30 round magazine of .45 ACP, which is very heavy.
2: The Kriss is a pistol caliber carbine, there's not much benefit in accelerating a pistol projectile (9mm, .45 ACP, etc) beyond what's achieved from the typical 4-5" barrel out of which the cartridges were designed to be fired.

For example, typical 9mm 124 grain ammunition fired from a normal pistol with a 4" barrel achieves roughly 1,100 feet per second velocity. 9mm out of a long 16" barrel carbine achieves roughly 1,250 feet per second. That minuscule increase is not worth the additional length and weight of another 14" worth of barrel. Doubly so if a suppressor is attached as you want to maintain subsonic velocity (under 1050 FPS) to avoid a supersonic crack.

There are a LOT of retarded guns out there. Back before computer assisted drafting, people had to make prototypes by hand which makes for a lot of trial and error, and then combine that with the 'it just barely works so we'll go with it' effect and you end up with crazy weapons (not just guns).
File: 1486256766813.png (357 KB, 1434x888)
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357 KB PNG
Since noone else wants to write usefull stuff, i guess i ll take a shot.

First off as long as you enjoy it and are willing to put in the hours needed to improve, then there is always hope.

Overall i realy like your img but here are some pointers and hopefully helpfull tips.

1. It's usually a bad idea to have insets like that one at sharp angles.
Put it a bit lower and it should look less pinched at the corners.

2. (and 3 in a way)
Again put the top bold a bit more below the edge and it will look better.
They also look a tiny bit distored (maybe an issue that happend while scaling them down to size?) or it could just be the angle of the pic.

3. First off well done at chosing at least 6 vertices for your circles here.
But then again, you seem to be having some sibdivision issue here.

A 6 vertices circle works well with higher subdivisions or as a bolt.
So while the top part can be considered alright, i am assuming that the lower segment of it is supposed to be round?

So either add more geometry to the lower segment to round it out or sharpen it's lower edges too to make it bolt shaped.

If you want a segment that is bolt shaped (6 sided and sharp) at the top but smooth at the bottom then add more vertices to the lower circle and redo the connection (try to avoid triangles here or you are very likley to have bumps)

4. This part needs some manual vertex shifting.
I am pretty sure that you accidently dragged some of the side vertices below the mesh here.

No matter what happened, those artifacts are a big nono and need to get looked at.

5. i am unsure about this one honestly

Aesthetically i kinda like it, but from a practical standpoint this grip looks painfull to hold.

You could either try to bevel the rings out into smoother more rounded nubs.

Or maybe just increase their height.

Or you could reduce their radious and have them much closer to the grip. (and maybe have them make up more of the grip)

But that's not realy a modelling issue, just taste.
If you can model humans and animals there is a lot of hope for you. In fact I'm looking for someone with that skillset as we speak.
OP here,
Thank you for the list man, it's really nice to get feedback from talented people. I'll give your suggestions a shot and hopefully clean up the model a bit more.

Thanks man, working on trying to improve my organic modeling and painting in ZBrush, pic related. Any pointers on that would be incredibly helpful!
dont do texturing before the model is done. It's a waste of time.
File: amature mistake.png (189 KB, 500x416)
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189 KB PNG
>doesn't even point out that he doesn't understand how rail systems work


i see this mistake all the time where the rail system on weapons is just completely fucked up and doesn't even make sense. as if they are some kind of greebling.
>asking if there is any hope to become cg artist
>models in 3d

you're already a cg artist. now u just need to get gud. have fun with that
>nervously checks own models
wew I'm good
>>doesn't even point out that he doesn't understand how rail systems work

It's not like I said

>First off, I don't know much about guns or at least how they work.

or anything.

That should be a signal that I don't know jack shit about firearms. The gun looked fucking weird, I just wanted to know that it wasn't bullshit.
You asked for help, shitass. Don't get all faggy when people give it to you.

You're terrible but you won't get any better by ignoring helpful criticism as "bullying."
CG artist here.
Yes. All first stuff is shit for everyone.
Work at it, pull 8-12 hour days every day while youre at uni and study outside the course, network, meet people, show your stuff and you´ll make it.

Also get used to people laughing at you on 4chan.
I got laughed for studying game art.
Got laughed at for getting carpal after failing an art test
Now i´m working on AAA games and nobody believes me

I'm not even op dude, just an innocent and confused poster.
I thought it was some weird imaginary sci fi gun he was making.
/k/ here
No wonder retards think it's from the future. This is like the first smg to have anything other than the same two god damn actions types. Fucking meme gun. The last thing anyone needs these days is another submachine gun in development. As much as I like to shit on them for being memes, PDWs probably are the future in terms of automatic cqc.
he obviously is not the op, anon
I don't wanna take up space making a new thread, but do any of you anons know of a good uv unfolding tutorial?
>how can we make this gun have the shortest barrel-to-gun length ratio
fucking retarded
CQB, like most submachine guns.

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