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using maya 2016
Trying to add thickness to a shell, but it puts everything everywhere, guessing the axis thing on extrude is off but i cant move it
Looks like the vertices are extruding instead of the poly-faces. I use 3DS Max, but are you extruding via selection of the poly faces?
make sure 'keep faces together' in the mesh (or edit mesh?) menu is checked, and try to make the thickness a much smaller number, like 0.01, and adjust it in increments of 0.01 as well.
The mesh you're trying to extrude is probably fucked and consists of non manifold components, try running a clean up tool before extruding.
The axis for the extrusion is not off, it just shows a normal for one of the faces being extruded but the extrude is still going to effect everything selected.
If nothing else works, try extruding by incresing the "Local translate Z" parameter instead of thickness.
Also, these kind of newbie questions belong in the "Questions that don't deserve their own thread" thread, so try using that one next time.
use the cleanup tool to fix your mesh
delete all by type history, try again
It's a common bug in 3D software

Some thing where it goes into a negative integer which actually becomes the maximum value possible which makes the geometry fucking warp out of this dimension

I don't know how to rectify the issue for Maya but just get fresh new geometry and it should be fine

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