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Hello /3/ ,
What kind of setup allows me to have this kind of result?

I'm too noob in 3d so I'm rendering in keyshot but the setup should be similar in any engine..

I'm trying to render a perfume bottle in a dark background but I want the liquid to be 'lit' like the example above.

Any tips?
the floor has some roughness to it
the plane in the back uses a gradient map or a point light
composition wise there is field of view effect on the glass that blurs the glass
looks like he also upped the vibrance in photoshop and probably color correction to highlight some colors and mute the dark ones.
he could have also used saturation but i don't think that's the case.
the most important thing anon didn't mention (or didn't mention directly) is that this sort of effect is achieved when translucent materials are lit from the back (could be a bounce in this case)
Thanks anon , but thats not what I ask , sorry for not being clear

Thats what I meant!

Glass material
Cognac Material
Ice Material, Plastic Material
Textures in that paper material

Twin Keylight
There's a dim yellow 3rd point light

It's one of the simplest form of studio lighting.
What you do in 3D is that you simply replicate almost the exact things you do in traditional photography. If you would like to know more, that would be a good place to start
That is to do with translucency or medium thickness, so the color gets darker if the object is thicker, so the actual cognac would be a object with a glass type shader where the object thickness dictates the color darkness, that is why the middle of the thick bottle is darker than the sides, that same shader is on the cognac in the glass, but because it is thinner object in the glass, it has lighter colour.

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