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File: 1426467217270.jpg (43 KB, 600x706)
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Why didn't ZBrush UI developers even remotely TRY to make it intuitive/familiar?

Great software btw
because you're going to use it anyway
toasting in an epic bread
Success of ZBrush is an accident of history. The software was originally designed for something else. The developers have been milking it for almost 10 years (when ZBrush 4 was first released) because nobody else has stepped up to challenge them.

it's only a matter of time before some competitor makes a user friendly sculpting program and zbrush is btfo

3D-Coat is doing their damndest to try. Hell of a lot more user friendly than Zbrush and way cheaper too. Features might not match but considering that for most of its life it was made by a single programmer that's pretty impressive.
File: 1485515153982.jpg (185 KB, 416x478)
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Just make your custom menus and hotkeys, dude. Nobody uses the Zbrush as it is, you need to customize it first to get as much out of it and to have faster workflow

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