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File: azuka rei.jpg (78 KB, 500x672)
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Is me, or 2D animation is simply superior to 3D?

>huh duh amateur garbage
I'm not talking about amateurs, the best examples of 2D animation always comes as more vivid or more organical than the best 3D shit.

Simply compare paprika to 3D animations and they come as garbage.

Of course 3D is superior to make backgrounds and effects and fluids, but I'm talking about characters.
it's not just you

there's ways of doing what makes 2d animation special, like not having everything perfectly on-model and letting things organically morph to convey motion and such but no one's going to bother

and it won't have the stylized look of being drawn either

however: i wouldn't get hard to judy hopps if she was drawn
File: dxixxwkeyc1ihdgzvgvv.png (436 KB, 800x423)
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regarding animation smears in 3d animation, you gotta look at overwatch

it may be a casualized tf2 with waifus and shitty stories that have nothing to do with the game but the looney toons shit the animators did is great
File: hksefgm7bcgkkucieqom.gif (1.41 MB, 800x390)
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apparently their rigs have "noodle bones" alongside the usual bones to help
File: i think this is genji.jpg (126 KB, 1212x1078)
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126 KB JPG

here's a conference about the animation in overwatch. i hope it's good, i can't really use youtube right now

if only the sfm pornsters could animate like this
The animation in kizumonogatari is some of the most amazing shit I have ever seen.
3D isn't even comparable, because some anime are just on an entirely different level.
Or maybe I'm just a fucking weeb, who knows.

"Noodle bones" are pretty standard on most rigs.
Not sure I've ever seen a rig without squash/stretch functionality, now that I think about it.
That's Pharah.
noodle bones only surfaced recently in games (although it's been commonplace in movie/series since cloudy with meatballs), due to the lack of support for non-uniform scaling in UE and Unity until recently.
File: test3.png (409 KB, 1280x720)
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409 KB PNG
Is anyone here interested in modeling backgrounds for a Kizu styled VN project, by the way? There's a 2D animator who was involved with in-between animation working on it too.

If anyone's interested, I can be contacted at
File: 1469982922121.webm (2.87 MB, 1280x544)
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2.87 MB WEBM
Going hyper-realistic to contrast with the 2D makes it look super good
I might be (and so might other people), but it would be cool to see some kind of project brief (as well as other samples, if you have them?)
Take a look at this talk. There is no question that 3d is more time-efficient than 2d, so the game designers made their 3d game look 2d.

Im sorry but the good dinosaur had some fucking amazing visuals
its pretty simple. 2d animations in general or such as ghibli movies just naturally have a kind of abstraction since everything is flat. therefore your mind fills those voids by projecting its own fantasy and expierences on the drawing.
while in 3d animation our mind has only the real world to compare it with so we first look at the flaws which comes with it. this includes mostly movements and textures etc.

You're comparing apples to oranges
File: sample.png (1.51 MB, 1412x1196)
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1.51 MB PNG
I don't mean to spam the thread too much, but in short, it's the story of a delusional man recruiting magical girls to blow up a Church. It's a project I've been working on for several years now.

The thing is heavily SHAFT inspired, with the goal being to make a more visual active VN, heavy on the 2D illustration count. Instead of just recycling the same sprites from first person view, the camera's going to be jumping around to be more anime. The 3D background are kinda a way to compensate for that, in addition to adding to it stylistically.

There's not much of a budget, so it's more an interest thing than anything. There's a guy who did backgrounds for Monogatari, Madoka, and Nisekoi who offered to give advice as we go along.
File: 1358804109263.jpg (30 KB, 390x470)
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>delusional man recruiting magical girls to blow up a Church
>/3/ hating on religion
Sculpt me surprised
2D animation is much harder and time consuming to make, so on a technical level I find it more impressive.
File: gasp.png (322 KB, 512x512)
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322 KB PNG

Thats a really strange plot.
File: height_01.jpg (882 KB, 1752x1239)
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882 KB JPG
I think it's better than jumping on the generic anime high school setting. The story we have now is roughly the length of Steins;Gate or 60% Fate/stay night.

I'm actually new to /3/. I mostly lurk /a/.
File: 1484110299862.jpg (25 KB, 358x512)
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>My sculpt when
>it's the story of a delusional man recruiting magical girls to blow up a Church.

so Madoka + Index rip off?

talking about quality...

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