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I'm new to 3d. If I wanted to make simple still lifes like this, what program should I start learning?
Any modelling program.
This kind of stuff?
It's simple enough modeling, Lumion would do the job plus it's easy to learn.
But specifically Blender.

You can either invest in a massive bloated hunk of software with a massive pricetag or a complex pirating checklist, or a simple program you can install for free with designers that want a good program.

I think Blender was the first to add Pixar's research on Harmonic Mesh Deformation for animation, as it typically goes with open-source passion projects.
If Pixar is so passionate about Blender, why don't they pay for a couple of Devs to make a proper Renderman Port.
As it is now only one dude is porting it, in his free time and as you can imagine compared to the commercial Maya Plugin, it is unstable, buggy and crashes alot, not to mention it sometimes fucks up your meshes while rendering.
Thanks guys, I'm downloading Blender now. Will check out Lumion too.
>blender AND lumion

is this the new meme?
Pixar didn't add it to Blender, the researchers published a public paper and only Blender devs bothered to add it.

Why would anyone bother using Renderman if you're not at a studio that uses Renderman, it's not going to make renders look better.
Better than what? Cycles?
It can be better looking than Cycles but its also slower.
Lumion is a software dedicated to Archviz

It would be the wrong tool for what you want
Hmm, that very spisificaly thing you want to do OP, not many programs can do that. I would suggest Lumion as it's got really good still life capabilitys

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