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guys i used max im beginner

my problem is what is best of car modelling program?

i modelling for game ets2 im modder but i need some parts and car
Try ModelSoft's software, to be more precise CarModeller3D 5.5 2017 SP1
I thought Deskauto's Car4D 2015 is considered the best?
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use alias automotive
if you want to engineering body work it uses surfaces instead of mesh surfaces makes it more accurate. ots a some what industry standard audi VW and Ferrari use it for modelig there cars but is bit confusing at start but you will get a hang of it if you play a bit whit it

Not op but I have always used inventor to model cars, does automotive have a similar workflow/interface? And would the change be worth?
No it doesn't have the same workflow alias is for complex surfacing that after is used to export to inventor. Inventor is used for mechanical engineering is mostly for simpler shapes. Like making parts and mechanical components inside a dore and making 2d plots sections and exploded view
>And would the change be worth?
If you are engineer doing a body of a car yes but if you use simple shapes you are better of using free form modeling in inventor .alias automotive is a program tha specific for design ot the exterior of a production cars luxury yachts and so on. If you do that then i can see you getting some good use out of it. Hope it helps
I've always used Sketchup for car modelling, coincidentally I am also making a mod for ETS2 atm, an Optare Solo
I've a few cars in Lumion before, I'd check that out :)

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