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What shaders does one use to achieve this look?
Blender's internal rendering engine seems like a good place to start (flat shading), but does anybody know how to do Goraud shading?
no specular
not physically based (old style render)
hard shadows

1 cone light
meant to say lambert instead of blinn
The guy actually uses a mix of old programs to make these, which is the best way to achieve this look
like what? zbrush,modo and xnormal xD?
softimage :)
How difficult is this old software to use compared to the modern stuff?

>The guy actually uses a mix of old programs to make these

not 90s old, I've talked to him on skype, but if I remember correctly he runs these through vintage hardware to achieve the VHS look

Fedorov's domain of knowledge on retro 3d graphics and sound synthesis is impressive though, I introduced him to the Lisp Machines of the 80s that were the first commercial 3d animation products

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You could construct the scene in Blender and export an OBJ for http://anim8or.com/

It's not just shaders also, there's a lot of primitive shapes. No raycasting might help, use the spotlight's buffer shadow instead.
Actually raycast shadows are fine, I take that back.
Fade the surroundings to black with fog, also turn on Halo for your spotlights.

In post, posterize to 170 levels for an approximate 16 bit per pixel High Color look.
File: Table.png (93 KB, 800x600)
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Clip the blacks a bit in post too maybe.

Also I think Tent antialiasing looks better, the default makes some halos that I don't think existed in older graphics.
at this point im thinking he uses lots of post in his video editing and the rendering is completely standard - no hacks
nice stuff

fun fact: Mirai (the suite used to animate Gollum in LOTR) is the direct codebase descendant of the Symbolics Lisp S-Geometry system demo'd in those links
Main problem is many of the old 3D Apps like SOFTIMAGE 3D won't run in modern OS. SI3D will only run on Win NT4 and only at fixed resolutions. Running it in a virtual machine is problematic because they seldom support full OpenGL.
Gollum was animated in maya, lad. I saw a 16 hr video lecture by the lead animator,,,
I think this guy uses Vidal Sassoon, clearly. But, also it appears that these computers are the future and we should take notice.


Gollum's body was animated in Maya, his face captures were animated and sculpted in Mirai, lad

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