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Critique this wip animation.
Struggling to get the populate dudes to hold an umbrella, but I may be able to do it with a clever bend modifier.

hows is the rain density?
The rain seems pretty good to me, i like the whole camera movement. I think you may want to work on your modelling a little more there are some flaws, regarding the umbrella bros can't you just use a ik handle?
Im not sure to be honest, they are a simulation based population with a few sliders dedicated to there look and animation.

Anything specific in this scene you can see that needs more attention in modelling?
>Anything specific in this scene you can see that needs more attention in modelling?

Not that anon, but one thing that was a bit weird is how everyone has the same umbrella (size wise at least).
Not sure how far into it you are, but get some variety in there with that shit.
I was going to just texture them differently but your absolutely right, there would be minor difrances between them, thanks.

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