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I am creating a VR experience based on a popular television show, in which you can walk around 1:1 sets and locations with minimal interactivity. I will try to minimize branding for the show at all costs and maybe try to push it toward parody so that I can get away with using replicas of their locations.

I have sufficiently modeled the actual locations from scratch as well as textured them. In one of the locations though I have imported torrented models from CGPeers as I can't realistically create these models under my budget which is 0. I also can't afford to pay for the models, especially the ones that include the commercial use license. Will I be able to get away with using these models even though they are like £400 each for a commercial license. It's just a personal project and I probably won't charge for the actual game.
I don't necessarily need the models as there is one alternative, however using these models will add tremendously to the aesthetic of the locations to accurately match the show that the other models won't do.
Thanks for the advice in advance!

P.S. All of my software is pirated as well(except Unity) so if that will also affect it then tell me.
Also I might end up using some pirated unity assets, will this be detectable.
When it matters, it'll matter, and it'll bite you.

Until it matters, it'll be fine... right up until it matters.

Let me see it and I'll be able to give you a better opinion.
They are priced at £400 for a reason, otherwise you would be making them yourself.
You can be certain that "parody" won´t cut IF YOU ACTUALLY MAKE MONEY WITH THIS.
I advice you to buy everything- models, software, you name it - if you start making money. Remembering that exposure is as bad as making money, and exposure without money is a sure way to go to jail, depending on witch country you´re pulling that off.
They'll be scans of people from a popular 3d scan site so it will be easy to tell they're from that site if you are familiar with the model selection. But unless I'm audited or something how could they know I'm using pirated assets and software
You can look inside programs. It's not difficult to tear graphics and models from games, especially Unity. Plus they could just look at it, check you out and see if you're listed on their asset store, and then audit or something.
Let me guess; westworld vr?
So if I don't use pirated unity assets I should be fine.
I don't see how anyone will know if I have the £400 license to use a model especially since I have altered the model slightly and exported it into FBX.
yes well done
>someone recognizes expensive model
>can tell dev budget is nonexistent
Could happen even if it's a stretch.
File: ed harris.webm (706 KB, 1280x720)
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Also would I get fucked for using an actor's likeness.
>P.S. All of my software is pirated as well
THAT will get you in trouble if you sell your work/services for sure
I just don't understand how they could possibly find out. My unity version in the personal edition which is legit. There no way they can figure out that my models have been exported in a pirated 3ds max or that my textures have been edited in a pirated Photoshop
you need to scrub the metadata from the textures and they should be untraceable
as for models it's a bit harder, autodesk software encodes a unique user ID in the meshdata and they'll know if the user license it's matched to isn't yours
File: smug peridot.jpg (239 KB, 512x512)
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>autodesk software encodes a unique user ID in the meshdata
That´s the biggest bullcrap i´ve ever heard.
The lawsuit would run around the globe, and not even the most hardcore legitimate users would use the software ever again.
any source for this?
i was sure that autodesk just insert watermark into the file information data and you can delete it easily
you will get sued to death for using pirated models above all else

most 3d modelers are fiercely protective of their creations
rightfully so.
Pirating Software from a Multi-million $$$ company is one thing, stealing from your fellow Artists is just low and i hope you'll get sued.

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