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Hey /3/

I am working in a 7-people game dev team, have a problem managing 1 particular person.
Every meeting, the guy comes in (he is working on multiplayer) and describes what he is working at. Every day (we have meetings every day), it ends up:

> I've done this and that, the result is going to be done by the next week, etc.

Guess what, the next week he sais it will be done in half a week, and then a next few days, and so on.
My competence in networking ends on the level of UDP / FTP and a low-lvl intro into php. However, as a producer of our team, I must do something, but everyone else in the team lacks time and "will" to help this person.

Question: How to get shit done with such a team member? Is there a way to fire a person and what are the steps of doing this?
The person seems productive, except the task he has "grabbed" initially turned out to be too large for him, and he never can give me a correct completion time estimate.

Whenever I ask him if he needs help, I get response "everything is under the control"

At the current point in time, 4 weeks in development, the multiplayer-module is worked-on as a separately. And it still has never merged with the main project, because its encapsulation is not yet complete. The guy struggles to get it done.

Thanks for your time
stop being such a spoiled little brat. He's a pro.
The deadline is in one week and I got an exact same response this time. It will not get done on time.

Or it will not merge in the remaining days with the currently existing code.
Here is what will happen: With that little time left that dude will not be able to merge the code branch in, and will fuck up your team. Forget about that multiplayer, it's a shit member
you cant expect to ship a game in 5 weeks dude, esp with only 1 programmer
use caps locks,shout,be assertive.

tell him that he is the stick in the wheels, get him to realize
Fuck him in the ass
Whenever he breaks a soft deadline on a critical element, give him a hard deadline. Let him know if he can't make it to the hard deadline, his stuff will be dropped.

If he keeps fucking up after that, relegate him to non-critical work until you find someone more reliable to replace him with.
If it's a "game jam" mentality dev group, prototypers, mobile devs, etc, games can be done in less than a month depending on the complexity. Not saying it will be industry level but it's entirely doable.

Your team member is a slacker or he's actually got it under control. However the former is most likely and as of this, you already know what you have to do: open direct communication in a serious manner, because as of now he's cucking the hell out of you and playing you like a bitch. You already know your answer, you just are pooping around on /3/ because you want to vent your frustrations which is somewhat understandable. However what you need to be doing as a producer is behave like the producer. Also, if this guy is getting paid you really dropped the ball here.
what the fuck does this have to do with 3D? gtfo
giving 3 more days + 1 day to merge.
If he can't get it working by Monday, he is going to work on less important stuff. We are already looking for a substitute.

Well, what happens if he presents a fully-working module in 2 weeks? Should we throw it out or take it and accept the guy back?
you are obvoiusly a bad indie team having :
File: xqZMW.gif (1.04 MB, 500x280)
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>what happens if he presents a fully-working module in 2 weeks? Should we throw it out or take it and accept the guy back?
If it's better take it, thank him, then fire him. It's not HIS it's the COMPANY'S.
If he give you a POS? Thank him, show him the door, drop his shit in the nearest bin.

Why would you even consider accepting an obviously flawed """team""" member back?

I get it, some people are savants (and equally autistic), but if you can't deliver yet alone deliver on an EXTENSION then I'm sorry you're not cut out for the industry yet.
Go home and practice time management.
I've found when people need to eat and pay rent suddenly their productivity picks up.
place him on something else.
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I can't believe people are still replying to this asshole. Go attend a seminar on developing management skills or something, dipshit. Why would anyone here know anything about leading teams? Any professionals here who are working in teams are going to be the ones getting bossed around, not the ones doing the bossing, and even if there are people who somehow slipped into management, it's still beyond the scope of this board.

So savage, I like it

Well, what would you think? He wasn't able to do it on time, just as we thought. So, got slapped on the ass and removed from the team.

And at the end of the day he still thought it was me, a what they call "unfrair and cruel boss", and not his fault.
I wish this could have been forseen when we hired him. I mean the knowledge is there, the dedication is there, but the product completion determinism is completely absent.

How is it possible to test people for that particular "point"? So that we know they will get shit done
in yr face
So let me get this straight, you have a single untested team member working on netcode for a game being produced by a 7 member constellation.
He is working on a part integral to your game while you are making inquiries about how to go about firing people on a board dedicated to computer graphics?

You're clearly just venting here looking for sympathy but your complete incompetence and lack of leadership skills indicates the best way to help
out your team might just be by fire yourself from the imaginary task you've "grabbed" by playing producer, and I say 'playing' since I seriously doubt you pay any of these people.
though he said the sensei was of good quality.
OP is asking how to if time management sux even if portfolio is good
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Ma niga, did you read? >>550192

>the knowledge is there, the dedication is there, but the product completion determinism is completely absent.

>How is it possible to test people for that particular "point"? So that we know they will get shit done

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