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Can someone recommend a tool where one can create a simple animated 3D series? For us, It's not much about quality but rather about simplicity.

I used C4D to create my models and I already rigged them with all that inverse kinematics stuff but is there some kind of workflow that you can stick to?

e.g. I can make my character walk but I don't want to copy the "walking" animation everywhere where I need it, is there some kind of container that lets me add animations that I created to in order to access them whenever I need them?

I own C4D but if you told me that Blender or 3DS or Maya is the better choice I would also install this.

Also, is it considered good practice to employ game engines for simple stuff or is this overkill?

I am fine with clipping artifacts, I don't need perfect lighting or facial expressions. What I want is a simple way to make characters open a door, walk through a room, maybe hit someone with a club and move their mouth when I need them to say something.

Basically the only thing I want is quick results.

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You can certainly use Cinema 4D to create your animations.

There's a feature in Cinema called "C-Motion" that will store animations. Not sure exactly how to use it, but I can at least point you in the direction.


Keep in mind that it is a common technique to simply animate you walks without walk cycles (which are primarily used for games). It sounds tedious, but you'll git gud pretty quick.

Keep on learning.

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