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Hi Im trying to find a tutorial for low poly modeling and texturing like the one i attached.
please help! :)
Basically just making things out of primitive shapes, like box modelling.

You just need to how to use your modelling program to make basic polygons and extrude and merge vertices, UV mapping, and some concept art.

I don't think there's really tutorials for an art style, just descriptions of the style since it doesn't need any unique techniques.
Watch tutorials on "hand made textures", and if you're new to modeling, watch tutorials on box modeling in general

That boat is really easy to model, but hard to texture; that's the essence of low poly
you need good fundamental 2D skills, this stuff is all in the texture
File: mododesu.png (5 KB, 186x186)
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Good tutorail series to "buy" for starting with modo? I realize the goal is to learn the techniques, but I plan on modeling only in Modo so I want to try and learn the techniques in modo and kill two birds with one stone.

Also please note that a lot of the links are dead in the stickies post.
One big one is the glossary pdf.
the digital tutors one is pretty good :^)
the hardest part about making stuff like these is understanding stylized proportions and have a good color selection.

other than that its just modeling,unwrapping,painting,refining.
those things you deem simple are not simple at all

HI this is Justin Marshal from Digital Tutors here..
File: low_poly_gun.jpg (21 KB, 564x375)
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There's no easy way to recreate this style of modelling. If I had to create a piece like this, I'd start with creating a concept with low poly topology already in mind (symbolic details, good silhouette, simplified design). The rest of work is basically the same as in every other 3d project.

As for texturing, there are no shortcuts or workarounds and while there are programs that might help you with workflow (like Substance painter or Pixexix), the style of those textures comes from artist experience.

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