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There should be a sweet ass transition between the two buildings but it's not there for now.
I don't get it, what is the goal?
its an animatic, it shows the camera animation, the basic layout of the models using geometric shapes, lighting and sound. knowing this what are your thoughts on it?
Aren't animatics supposed to be what you do after the storyboards are done? And then you take those storyboards and add transitions/music to them.

I don't see how what you have done is anything like that. I don't even know what is going on in the video or what the point of using that specific song was.

There are no characters either, so everyone of those shots might as well be random. Every scene in the movie should have a purpose, aka furthering the plot. If nobody other than yourself knows what's going on, what's the point?
Just just wrote a 700w+ explation detailing the thaught and cear that whent into this and the suttle effects it has on the viewr, that was all lost into the void when i refreshed accidentally so I'll be breed:

>It's set in Rio
>The statue you see is Christ the Redeemer
>The two buildings are very intentialy lit differently to simbolise there residence
>The song for all intensive purposes is a happy song that's a abruptly cuts on the climax to make view feel uneasy
>The seemingly disconnected cuts are to fill in the scean, introduce information and room for funky post stuff.

There are not characters intentialy, it's atchaly rather easy to tell a story without them
Forgive the miss spellings,
I was typing fast without proofreading
Looks good enough for now OP
Instead of 700 word explanations how bout u finish it and show us
Sure thing bud

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