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what happenen to the Cryengine lads? This was it in 2010...
what about it? they released version 5 recently
its a good engine despite what fagots and spergs say, at least from a visual standpoint
the hype just isnt there. it seems ded
The documentation doesn't compare to Unreal and Unity. Nobody is willing to dig through and learn the engine when you've already got two perfectly capable engines available already.
BeamNG.drive is the only good game that uses it and I'm not 100% sure why it uses it to begin with
Actually beamng uses torque3d.
>Originally, BeamNG.drive was to be based on CryEngine 3, but the implementation to the driving game filled it with bugs, leading development to be rolled over to Torque.
Oh jeez
Crytek happened

Crytek is a classic case for mismanagement of epic proportions.

Seems like Crytek was always a step behind the competition.
First they fell for the free to play meme.
Then they gobbled up other financially failing studios. But instead of releasing more games they did nothing of value.
No real concept whatsoever.
No more Crysis games or any games showcasing the engine.
Bad or lacking documentation of the engine, stays like it is without much improvements.
Internal conflicts, bad company culture, financial problems.
When Crytek couldn't (wouldn't) pay salary for months for the employees, one of the bosses still drove with his Ferrari to work.

Then they started to bleed talent. One of the core engine programmers is with Star Citizen now, together with probably 15 other ex-crytek employees.
But thats just the tip of the iceberg.

If they don't do a 180 and get their shit together, they won't make it much longer.
the industry as a whole failed seeing as no game managed to top crysis graphically in the past 10 years
No Man's Sky did.
What he fuck is wrong with them? Torque is atrocious. Borderline unusable.
No Man's Sky isn't a game.
its not. torque is intent for ease of use
looks like half-life 1 tier
Shit meme, brother.
I was memeing, but I've just played through the latest Ubisoft games and it's kinda sad they don't look as good as this screenshot.
play VR games on the playstation 4 lad
The rest of the world caught up.
File: 1336276530326.jpg (11 KB, 328x277)
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have you ever used cryengine? it is a horrible ui when compared to ue4 and unity. you need to do extra steps to do simple things.
also, 9.99 /mo
File: cryengine.png (586 KB, 1366x443)
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>9.99 /mo
You could at least try checking the website next time before you shitpost.

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