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Alright /3 I need some advice, I'm a uni student from the UK studying architectural visualisation. I'm not against organic modelling but it just isn't what I'm good at. I enjoy making high detail assets with perfect topology as well as the interior and exterior of buildings.

I hear games is shit for 3D artists so what should I do after uni? What are you lot doing.
just stick to max/photoshop/vray/sketchup and you will be hired (depends on your skills).
employers care more about programs than skill. most of them are in managerial positions and have little understanding of what each program does so they just pick the candidate that does whats on their requirement list
most likely you wont get any game or 3d job and you'll have to settle working raking leaves or cleaning bathrooms
I didn't know you could actually study Archviz.
But if you're willing to come to germany I can give you a job in my Archviz startup I founded 2 months ago. We're backed by an established architecture firm but we need more manpower to handle all the work they throw at us.

Maybe you could also work from your location, but you would have to provide your own hardware.
We need someone to quickly create detailed 3D models of actual projects as well as assets and textures. We are focused on realtime Archviz, so right now we are using Twinmotion and plan to utilize UE4 in the future.
Our main goal is to aid architects and clients in making design decisions while the project is still WIP, rather than visualising finished products, so we have to work fast but still want to maintain some quality.
Thanks for the offer man, I'm still studying in uni, but I'll send you an email when I finish the course. What's your company's name?
>offering someone a job to a new startup without even seeing work
top fucking kek
nearly applied to one of those archviz vr companies then i saw they have 3 in-between managers and shit graphics. also listed 11 programs in experience then it reeked
Beier Virtual Architecture
You can find us on facebook, we don't have a website yet.

To be perfectly honest, right now it's just me plus one architecture student I hired. I'm having trouble finding people.

I have a place, a decent budget and enough work for a year, I just need more people to do it. So if someone can make 3d models and textures, that's good enough for now because we're not focused on making glossy photorealistic renders of finished projects. We're aiding in design decisions and actively working with the architecture firm to speed up their pipeline.
And yea we are like 2 or 3 months old, so in the early stage of starting up.
So what I need are people eager to build something, but I probably wouldn't be a good fit for professional established 3d artists who could work for Pixar or something.

Well we do want to explore the possibilities of VR as well. Design and visualisation is the biggest selling point of the tech imo. But here too, the focus is to aid in design rather than to present finished products. Mostly we want to cut down travel time tho.
Why commute 4 hours every week when you can put on an HMD and meet inside the project? But that shit is way down the line, and we're not developers. We wait for the tools and use them to our advantage, or drop them if it turns out to be a fad.
>So what I need are people eager to build something,
mate...you're clearly not looking hard enough
I know.
I'm still a student myself so I'm juggling too many things right now.
If you have any advice I would like to hear it.
>Going to college for archvis
It's one of the easiest things to do in 3D, and all that matters is your folio, you're getting ripped off.
I appreciate your concern, but the course is very good.
dont ask someone to work for you without seeing their work
Turns out his work looks pretty good.

I get what you're saying tho, next time I'll word it differently so it sounds more like an offer than a promise, and add a disclaimer that I obviously need some information first.
>I hear games is shit for 3D artists
lol, b8
I currently work for an interior design firm doing arch viz, I'm also not the best at combining organic modeling techniques with architectural structures that are basically primitives. My advice is to experiment A LOT. I did this one project where I literally had to sculpt a victorian marble mantle that was almost impossible to model using primitives, so crank up those poly res up high, get your sculpt tools and away out of your cozy zones.

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