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You can extract 3D models from games by dumping the RAM memory. How do i go about doing that on PC?
None of the DX rippers work.
If NinjaRipper doesn't get it in any of its modes (Injector, Wrapper, DX9, DX11, DX12 I think it supports now) then your only chance is figuring out the file format. NinjaRipper dumps models and textures loaded into DirectX where the model and texture data is in a consistent format, but if you just go after the RAM or the files on the disc you'll be getting the format they're stored in.

Is the game even using DirectX? Might be OpenGL.

Have you looked the game or its file formats up on Xentax?
Definitely tell is which game you're trying to rip, at least. Someone somewhere out there might have already ripped it, or there might be a tool available.

Most Unity games can be unpacked pretty easily, and it isn't terribly difficult to decompile or edit assemblies, which might give you an easier way to dump data.
Yeah if it's Unity just use Unity Studio.


It's the only program I've found that'll rip armatures with the models. Absolutely tired of unrigged OBJ rips of Unity games on Models Resource and P3DM.ru, there's simply no reason.
Just wondered in, and curious, - what would be the legal implications if it's discovered that there is some anon ripping models?
How do you make a 3D model that's this fucking amazing?
pain. lot's of pain.
I was talking more about how one would gain the skills to do so.
the copyright holder could file a dmca on the hosted files but that's it

if you were making money with it then it's a different story
Thanks, but what are the consequences in case they end up in a commercial product? maybe I can just say, "I came up with this product, built it from scratch ...Sorry it matches yours"

What would be the steps against a person like that (Indie company gross 300k per year), and how much could the fine be?
probably alot of zbrushing. both hard surface and organic techniques

maybe throw some MD in there, but i think he sculpted everything
by being mediocre since its a really beginner tier model
you should loo
marvelous didnt even stand near this
>literally tens of thousands of free models in all states of development available on the internet for personal, educational, and even commercial use
>wants to jump through hoops and bend over backwards on an app by an unknown publisher

>dumping the RAM memory
>RAM memory
>random access memory memory

RAP phrases are a bitch, eh?
Shit on OP for trying to be specific?
how is appending a redundant trailing memory to RAM supposed to differentiate it from VRAM?
Has anybody gotten these rippers to work for getting 3D data from Google Maps / earth?
Would be useful for Archviz and idk why they don't allow to download them anyway
Don't do that. They could sue and keep all your profits. It's a bad idea.

At the very least, change it just enough that it's not an exact clone.
It should work with a bit of finicking around ive even gotten them to work with emulators

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