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My main purpose is to create an animation series using unity and publish and monetize on youtube.

I am not a 3DCG artist so I thought about using these popular 3d models from private tracker sites. But how does copyright stuff work with those?

Main question: If no one can use them in commercial work without licensing, why do people even bother sharing them with each other?
two possible reasons I can guess

1: to study, reverse-engineer them, or use them in noncommercial work (which is still unethical but whatever)

2. they are being sold by pajeet and vitaliy who do not care about copyright laws
>1: to study, reverse-engineer them, or use them in noncommercial work (which is still unethical but whatever)
thats the very definition of ethical comrade. The law only covers commercial works.

Thank you for explaining.
Animation is pretty dead on youtube if you're looking for money from it.
Ad revenue in 2017 is calculated with let's players and vloggers in mind, and animation can't compete with the amount of content those people can put out.
Even if you get 2million+ views because you make quality stuff, in the same time it took you to make that (let's say 3 months), the vlogger already made 90 videos, each getting 100,000 views(very generously low), for a total of 9 million views.

But good luck anyway anon. Post your stuff here when you finish it.
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I am aware of that they are able to poop out so much videos.
I am planning to emphasize popular meme stuff with low effort animation techniques with a nice story line. It will be 10 minutes per episode and if i can manage, i am hoping to be able to pump out 2 times per month. It will hopefully be able to express the story with little effort.

I have previous experience with unity mainly on Oculus VR stuff so although I am not the most talented on the subject, I have some general vision on what is possible and what is not.

But enough speculation, I will come back when I actually have better stuff to show.

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