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Hey /3/.
I am designing a spaceship based on an insect's anatomy. Cool so far, it's been done before.

However, here's the thing. The design is going to be driven by a real-world style of architecture.

How should I approach this? I feel like getting these three unrelated elements to fit together is going to be a challenge.
You should look up a series called Lexx. It really ran with that idea.
Which is it? Insect anatomy or architecture (buildings)? Or did you mean real world aerospace engineering considerations?

Because in the real world space ships are going to be boxes (for the humans and storage inside) with rounded exteriors (to deflect radiation and make them hard to spot) with some kind of rear propulsion system, some kind of forward breaking system, and covered in maneuvering thrusters in 360 degrees, so the end result is going to be some kind of polyhedron / icosphere.

Also there will be a drone by because almost everything you'll do in space will be done via drones rather than actually have people go on EVAs
*drone bay, with some kind of mechanism to push them out (they won't just fall out of the space ship on their own like in anime)

Also the drones themselves will follow the same design concepts, with accommodations made for their role
I mean building architecture. Like classical, rococo, modern, gothic, etc.

If this sounds bad know that I did not come up with these constraints.
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WH40K might give you some inspiration.
That's great, but it's really just "spaceship-buildings". Thing is, I've seen a ton of good insect spaceships, and building spaceships. But spaceship-insect-building doesn't seem to make sense to me from a design standpoint.
>If this sounds bad know that I did not come up with these constraints.

That's a relief. it sounds fucking stupid.
architecture and ship engineering seem mutually exclusive.

This ship looks fucking stupid.

I guess ideally you'd go for abstract architecture because it's specifically designed to look structurally implausible, which can justify your need to modify it to conform to a ship.
I guess you could also just cop out and design a fortress for your ship. So that the 'ship' is a ship insofar as it can move through space, but is actually just a large structure inhabited by life.
Maybe go for an organic style and the ship could be a combination of organic tissue and synthetic material.
see: That race they recently reintroduced to Elite Dangerous. That thing looks pretty cool.
Maybe just arrange parts of buildings in an insect shape like some sort of Shadow of the Colossus. Like a gothic tower with a big spike for the head, bunch of gargoyles adorning the edges of large shapes, buttress legs, vaulted ceiling underneath and maybe some exposed areas where you can see inside and it's vaulted ceilings since it reminds me of the inside of an insect when it's all dried out.

tl;dr kitbash some cathedrals into a bug colossus
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And the big spires can go out at an angle following the normal and make it look real massive and put some lightning effects or some shit on the tips like it uses them to stabilize in the atmosphere or some shit
File: Head.jpg (199 KB, 1216x489)
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Big ornate windows for eyes, but maybe a sort of spider arrangement in the front instead of just one on the sides.

And the mouth can open up like a physical shield covering something, like a docking bay or a big staircase or a fucking Gun
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The multiple parts in wasp mouths can be a good map for scifi pieces, like the center forked tongue thing is a gun or stairs, the segmented things can be straight spires, the flappy bits above the tongue thing can be giant gothic capacitors / energy things, and the big jaws some kind of ornate drawbridge
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>architecture and ship engineering seem mutually exclusive

Ships are about the only thing that are similar in size to buildings, and both share many of the same purposes and requirements.
What else is a cruise ship or a large cargo ship if not architecture? Do ships not have to accommodate for mans needs and desires?
People live and work on ships, just like they do in buildings, so good architecture goes a long way in both.
Spaceships will only increase architectural requirements because of their size and all the things that need to be accounted and planned for.

OP, look up Walking Cities by Archigram. Pic related.
Might give you some inspiration.
this is good advice, you're a bro.

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