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Hi, I want to know if this kind of mouse is useful for 3D modeling in 3ds max or Zbrush ? Someone use it here ?
I own one and it's awesome. You can get a used one for a good price on eBay. But it doesn't work in zbrush.
I have one, plugins aren't the best and it's mostly for camera movement, it's now in a box under my bed untouched in years
i have one, but use it exclusively in 3D Coat for sculpting. for modeling a normal mouse feels more natural for me personally
Wtf not work with Zbrush, I am disappointed

can you use one of these for your left hand, just for finer camera control or something?

Pixologic is a shit company that happens to make one product that does one thing well. Their plugins constantly break and they haven't released a new version for 2 years.
Basically. It allows you to manipulate all 6 degrees of freedom at the same time. Takes a bit to get used to though. I have one I use for CAD design, and it's kind of nice to be able to manipulate a model without having to drag your mouse all over the thing and worry where the current center of rotation is set.

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