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Hey /3/, I have a question about pic related; I am new to 3D and have had Daz for about a month, decided to try out C4D by getting a 40 day free trial, however the one function that is disabled is being able to render larger than 1200x800. I want to render larger but also want to be able to export this file as an .obj to mess around with in Photoshop. When I do export it, it does not have any of the materials. I have the spectral shader on as the color in the program, and when I place a solid color where that pattern is it exports with the color attached.
So tl;dr, how do I export this with the materials attached to mess around with primarily in Photoshop?
You want to export the 3d model as an .Object to Photoshop... Why? Just render it out. If you want to render larger, pirate a softwere, not like your going to be doing anything cometial anytime soon. If your against that, try keyshot trial, exporting animation is annoying but it's a good render program.

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