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Anyone does Unreal Mapping in here?

I loved making maps since i was 11 back in the day. I'm learning UE4 for the Pre Alpha

Can't make meshes for SHIT though.

Has anyone gotten experience on making Unreal Tournament maps recently? what's your experiences like?
make your levels with bsp brushes and just drag in materials. however i think you might need to make your own materials if you want original ones
I already know how to make maps, the thing is, the workflow is different ad kinda don't like it

For instance in UE2 everything was subtractive and UE3 and 4 is Additive. Looks like it's more logical but adds pointless work in everything, more noticeable on closed maps because instead of "carving" rooms you add walls and such, making it more of a chore

Sure, you can still make a big ass brush and then substract the inside and keep doing so to build stuff, but, and a big BUT, is that you're in risk of fucking the hierarchy of Additive/subtractive/Additive brushes

>It was always like that, the risk of doing that with BSPs

Yeeeeh, but didn't took 2 minutes to bake lightmaps either because outside walls DIDNT EXIST and now they have to

Still it's a fun thing to do, and your 3D modelling skills and map design is tested in an already cool game

Now, as for materials, it's a pain considering the in game ones are so limited and you almost have to make your own, making another painful workload.
Materials are not really that big a deal with substance and the likes.

The marketplace and sites like CGtextures also have lots
File: 18811-lightmapbsp.png (283 KB, 831x322)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
BSP is fine for the bare bones but you really want to be modeling static meshes for most of your level.
>you almost have to make your own, making another painful workload.

environment art is painful, patience is your biggest ally

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