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Hey I am using C4D and I am trying to model a controller.

Pic related is a 3D render of a software that looks like this http://img5.abload.de/img/refx20nexus20v2.21wfl.jpg and I wanna do something similar.

The problem is that idk what to search for in Google as this is a rather unpopular thing people would request tutorials for.

I already modeled simple 3d characters for an autistic meme channel on YouTube but I still have no idea how to modify the "roundness" of corners, how to slice little stripes off the rotary knobs to make them look more "grippy" and "real" and I don't even have an idea how to make a basic button model like the orange ones in the middle of https://www.thepixellab.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Free-C4D-3D-Model-Button-Kit-Knobs-Dials-648x532.jpg

Not expecting anyone to do my homework or to explain it in detail but if you could just give me some keywords so I know what to search for or if you could tell me what c4d tools I should learn that would be awesome.

I am not trying to get employed by Blizzard and I will certainly dig more into 3D modeling but for know it's just the simple things that I'd like to learn. I do know how to generally operate C4D, I am not a total newb
Try this
Sub-D Modeling in C4D: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbOD5j8bCas4HOi5OpspeVtTjtQwk5Cyw
actually looks like a good set of things to know. Will definitely watch it, cheers bro
model it bit by bit and keep them separate objects just like in the real world and have good topology and edge loops so when you turbo smooth it it will hold its shape
OP is from days ago, but whatever.

Model the board and the knobs separately.

The board is pretty easy; start with a box, add edges, extrude the display.
The knobs are just cylinders. If you want to model the grips, go with extra sides (axial subdivisions) and extrude into/out of the cylinder. Most places would just use a bump map for them, however.

Once you have the board and *a* knob modeled, copypaste the knob wherever you want and texture. Or vis versa.

Hard surface modeling is different than character modeling, but something like this isn't hard. Even if you wanted something photoreal, that's just a few edge loops to smooth the extrusion, a bevel, and copypasting a plastic texture into the bumpmap.
OP here, I love you mate, this was incredibly helpful

your wish is granted


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