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>decided to start taking 3d seriously last summer
>been doing free work on and off for a few months now, cause I don't feel like I put enough effort into it
>some people are literally offering to pay me now, yet I still can take it
How do I overcome this?

post your requests btw, I feel like wasting my time and effort
You mean how to stop being a lazy shit? Grow up!

But seriously, everybody has problems with procrastinating and lack of commitment, you arent any special in that regard. Its only a hobby so if you dont like it stop forcing yourself to it and do something else, if you do like it find a way to actually stick to regular work ruitine, there isnt much more to say here.
If you want to do 3d get yourself on some curses or even 3d related education, join some forums projects etc.

Also requests? Why requests something we can make yourself, its a cg board, we all can make bad looking teapod renders.
now read the op again
I did, and if you meant something else then learn to type out your post in a non retarded manner.
Not using meme arrows and making normal posts might be a start.
>some people are literally offering to pay me now, yet I still can take it

why not? what kind of work you are doing?
Wish someone hired me to do free work :(
i can offer you unpaid internship for an unpaid position
>How do I overcome this?

By saying yes and taking the fucking money.
this bait sure is weird tasting.
>Start learning 3d in summer
>Somehow good enough to get paid

I'm sorry?
He doesn't procrastinate, he just feels that his work isn't good enough.
that shouldn't be to surprising. I personally took 2 months before I got paid for a piece. It was cheap. But money none the less.
So you had a portfolio to show in 2 months?
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265 KB PNG
i saw someone who has been working in the industry for more than 10 years and this is the type of stuff that hes doing.
my only guess is why he is hired in the first place is because he can do GUI and programming
I've been fucking around with 3d since 2008 or so
>my only guess is why he is hired in the first place is because he can do GUI and programming
>old school 3d guy
>been doing it for 10+ years and decided to specialize in the programming aspects at the expense of maintaining your modelling ability
>shit on by some retard who just got in the game using tools that automate pretty much anything
you just don't see this sort of stuff anymore

when will THIS be the retro we see in games, i want everything to look like fuckin Beast Wars or something
this is 30 year old art almost.
i would understand if he made some kind of transition.
>tools that automate everything
his bump+fill colors are automated too. the only thing he done by hand is the modeling
Yes. But bump and fill are as we all know, not everything.
These days you barely even have to extrude a surface.
meh i don't think so. tools barely changed aside from subdivision surface and better looptools,planar UV's etc.
didn't intend to take a jab at the guy, just made the point about the industry and the importance of connections
Oh man, this is probably the most undertaught lesson in all art domains and almost every good artis has suffered for it across history.

Some people luck out with a business minded partner (as in relationship) that helps with promotion and correct evaluation of their work, but hoping for that is like waiting for money to fall out of the sky.

The method is simple, but it takes balls and perseverence to achieve.

1. Never undervalue your work. Even if it's shit, someone will jerk off to it.

2. Until you get there (and you will know when you get there), you do not have a reputation, like you do not have a style while working on your artistic skills. Don't be afraid to ask for too much and don't regret underselling yourself. This is all part of the process of finding out what your work is worth to other people.

3. Abandon all artificial moral codes. There is no such thing as loyalty to a patron beyond your paycheck. Your art is a gift to the world and you can only do your best if you are appreciated. Money is nothing more than society's appreciation of you and being underpaid will make you eventually resent your work. The highest bidder will allow you to put out your best work.

4. Favor decisions based on courage rather than those on fear. Being afraid you won't be able to do a project means there is something to learn from it. This doesn't mean being reckless.

5. Above all, follow your gut. This is the tiebreaker.
Thank you d00d, not OP but there are some strong words here that I can absorb
OP here.
I made a whole $4 since I made this thread.
Is this what success feels like?
Model me a penis OP. Ideally very realistic, about 4" in length with balls attached.

I need it for reasons.

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