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today i tried 3d moddeling for the first time , and i would like to hear your critic on it.
inb4 i made that on my ipad because no pc
Fuck me it's bad. Go look up the word topology then kill yourself.

Sculpting on the iPad or Android tablets is just something you play with as a toy. You'll never have enough polgons to make anything decent.
do people irl not have eyeballs?
An iPad app if fine as a time waster but anything involving behind that is trash, Google mudbox or zbrush try it out. You'll get real critique after spending a few days with those.
Ive seen worse from people who have been learning 3d modeling for months sooo, idk its ok i guess for a first time
better than what I can do. 10/10
Since everyone in this thread so far is severely mentally retarded, what you did was digital sculpting.
If modeling is what you want to learn, go get a student version of maya, it's free and it takes 15 minutes.
You'll want to learn the basics of the user interface.
Essential things you'll need to know how to do as a modeller include UV unwrapping, proper lineflow/topology that will work for a rigger. Texturing is also an asset any professional modeller will have to varying degrees of ability.
Or stay as a dime a dozen sculptor on 4chan deluding yourself into thinking you're a real modeler like almost everyone here is.

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