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File: test11.jpg (50 KB, 459x532)
50 KB
Threw this together super fast in daz on a bet. Please let me know which one is closest to looking realistic, or how I can fix one really soon.
File: test11c.jpg (44 KB, 459x532)
44 KB
File: test11b.jpg (57 KB, 459x532)
57 KB
File: test11a.jpg (60 KB, 459x532)
60 KB
1 and 4 are the best imo
Thank-you kind sir.
are these for porn or vidya?
Neither. There is no reason for me to do either of those. Just hobby stuff.
#4, but needs more asymmetry and better shaders.
File: test11i.jpg (111 KB, 989x881)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
i'd hit it.
File: test11k.jpg (100 KB, 989x881)
100 KB
100 KB JPG

#6. I realize that the hair does not appear to be concerned with the law of gravity, but this took 53 minutes to render so here we are.
>I didn't spend any effort on these, that way I am largely immune to criticism because "I didn't do my best"

Go fucking do your best you stupid faggot. You and people who say "this is my first model", or that make ugly / stupid / retarded "lol so whacky" shit, you're fucking cowards.
Dude, that was some inspiring post. You are right, I should do my best. Also, you should lay off crack or wherever you are getting your energy from 'cuz you are hard-core in my face about something that means almost nothing. But I actually do appreciate your sentiment.
File: test11q.jpg (131 KB, 989x881)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
LOL so whacky
The pose, the lighting, and the eyes, really bring this one out.
I mean the others are ok (#1 #2 & #5) but this wins by far
eyes and lips too glassy, hand pose too grip-like
also needs an hd morph (displacement map or normalmap) for pores/wrinkles, skin is too flat.
This is one of the stock poses that comes with daz, but now that you mention it the hand does not look natural, posed like that. Thanks for the feedback.
I don't a good displacement map for the skin. I'm trying to do this for free, but I agree, the skin needs to be more "weathered" in a sense. I'll remove the shininess in Photoshop.
File: test11r.jpg (58 KB, 694x881)
58 KB
Thank you, I was pretty happy with this one originally as well. Here's another in a nearly identical pose, but with the arms moved a bit. Note: I know the bikini is terrible. The only clothes I have are the things that daz comes with. I changed the textures but it still looks wrong.
Note #2: I think the muscle definition looks good, but a real life friend of mine says it looks too exaggerated.
File: test11u.jpg (153 KB, 1068x881)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
>you are hard-core in my face about something that means almost nothing.

OP asked for "cruel feedback". Why should anyone waste their time giving honest critic if the work "means almost nothing"?

Don't you see how that's insulting to both us and yourself? Get to work, faget.
File: test11w.jpg (163 KB, 995x674)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Oh, I don't know. Maybe because it actually IS important to people and they don't want to get their feelings hurt? And "faget" is not a word, btw.

looks like wax.
is there a new lip-liner called edge buffer? she's wearing it.
What am I looking at exactly? You said you "made" these in Daz? Did you model the face or anything at all? What does "throw together" mean to you? I think what I'm looking at is someone playing dress up on a computer and expecting feedback on the nothing he did. Please explain this shit because I don't understand it.
It's literally just sliders and morphs that these people buy. It also somehow deludes them into thinking they're actual artists.

Let me repeat that:
Daz users are so helpless that they PAY OTHER PEOPLE to move verts around for them.
>Daz users are so helpless that they PAY OTHER PEOPLE to move verts around for them.

Yes, that's called "being the boss", and it's famously successful. Some people can't do the actual work, but know what they want to get done, so they pay other people to do the hard parts for them. Then those employed people buy goods and services with the money they make. It's super.
File: render.jpg (380 KB, 1100x880)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
>What am I looking at exactly? You said you "made" these in Daz?

Yes I did. It took forever because math is a big deal. Did I make the model from zero, like how hydrogen was produced from nothingness? No. Did I find all the stuff on the internet to make it? Yes. Do I ask questions so that I can answer them, just to make a point? Also yes.
DAZ: -"being a boss"
kek. die OP
LMAO is this a troll??

you're basically asking people to critique your skyrim character

how about you fuck off to the daz thread
>LMAO is this a troll??
>you're basically asking people to critique your skyrim character

No, it was not a troll. Why do people keep asking me that? My skyrim character rules, btw, and requires no critique.

I am serious about this stuff, I just don't have any talent for modeling, and I made a bet with a Maya expert that I probably should not have. I won, by the way, but he kinda phoned it in on his half of the bet. That's $100 he won't see again.
>look at this fully rigged and textured model that I posed
>>look at this fully rigged and textured model that I posed

You know that professional photographers hold the copyright on images that they create when they are posing other real-life humans, right? They did not make those humans from scratch. Sometimes the pose is the art. I'm not sure how anything I do is different than that, except I don't claim copyright. #FeelingSmug #MaybeIWillBuyAPrius.
the thing that's different is you posted it on a forum for making 3d models
>the thing that's different is you posted it on a forum for making 3d models

I had already written up a hilarious response to what I thought you were going to say, but then you derailed this whole thread with your "bring it back to reality" (OP put this in the wrong forum) approach to the conversation. So I guess you don't get to see it. This is why we can't have nice things.
That wasn't me who responded to you.

Cg art is not photography, when you create a person you do not own that person or the right to sell/distribute that person, so your analogy is a bit wonky.

In the case of Daz3d models, op is within his legal right to do with as he pleases with the renders he creates.

My issue with the images op provides is not legality, but the lack of skill in that op did not put any effort in these images beyond basic posing and moving around some morph sliders.

If OP is looking for advice in photography your best bet is the photography board, most people on this board will only give you feedback on the fidelity of your models/textures/animation but you will be hard pressed to find anons more competent in shot composition/lighting/angles on /3/ than on /p/.

OP isn't technically posting this on the wrong board as it is cg content but the only "cruel feedback" I can think of is that he didn't make the models, textures, rigging, skinning, or morph targets involved in this art, and is unskilled in my eyes and others in this thread as a result.
File: FB_IMG_1485394646080.jpg (37 KB, 436x719)
37 KB
This one looks hella real and I would say is the best but the only thing you should improve is the hair
But DAZ/Poser isnt CG art.
It IS virtual photography.

And it takes just as much or more practice and study to be able to compose a decent picture as it does with traditional photography.

BTW, the board is called 3DCG. Not CG art.

No one who uses daz ever calls it CG art in a thread on /3/.

So start your own thread for your autistic buthurt.
>But DAZ/Poser isnt CG art.
>It IS virtual photography

That is what I was trying to suggest in my otherwise poorly received post. Thanks for making the statement I was trying to make. (Except for the butthurt part.)
Look mate. I do Daz for porn.

I don't care about your elitism 'I did a cube in blender six years ago and I'm proud of it'. Your asinine and pointless comment about 3d culture bores me to death. Your alternative viewpoint about the philosophical and moral worth ladder is a chore. You aren't some super genius because you can make sculpture in a modelling software. You aren't the second coming of Albert Einstein with a Nobel prize in computer graphic.

My dick demands Daz, and Daz answers to my dick. Do you even have a dick? Probably not. The dick rules, and the dick is right. Put that hat where it belongs, into the trash.
My apologies.
good lord, stop bumping this thread.
There's already a daz thread. I don't get why you couldn't just post there instead.

And stop being so damn pretentious about your virtual photography or whatever you want to call it.
File: test11ad.jpg (104 KB, 859x747)
104 KB
104 KB JPG

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