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I'm working on a senior thesis short film and I'm in need of help. I had 6 animators, 2 dropped off because of scheduling conflicts and now their integral scenes aren't being animated.

The whole project is 2:30 long and the 22 shots left over are only 1-3 seconds long each.

Where would be the best place to ask for help for collaboration, barring this place? I probably won't get help from here, although I do hope for some offers from some animators who want some portfolio work.

This is the current edit. A mix of animatic, blocking phase, final animation and final renders.

jump on recently fresh graduates. its a good practice for them

how to reach? i don't know, but animators who are working per hour won't talk to you
I figured as much. I'm not really looking for per hour people as they would just completely blow me off.
It looks really really bad so far. You will NEVER get work from this quality of "thesis". I honestly hope you're not paying for this "education"

-anon in the industry
I agree with this anon, it looks pretty bad
its super cheesy and generic af
its not good to copy shit things *COFF* RWby
I mean, that's fine. Everyone's got an opinion like everyone's got an asshole. Typical 4chan response.
You're probably cutting edgeloops on text, wishing you were a character artist. Enjoy your suffering.
those aren't opinions
them be the facts.

Its awful. I would rather sit and do nothing than watch it.
>trying to improve it
>its awful

things change when you let a few people that know their shit.
this is how teams form.generalists can only do so much and if they did it would take so long it would not be worth it
Go to reddit, polycount, 11secondclub, etc. All the usual places.

There's a difference between shitting on something because you're anonymous and you can, and giving criticism.
I hope you don't think they are the same, as someone "in the industry".
Its better to have 30 seconds of gold than 2:30 of absolute shit

No really, there seriously bad decisions made there. Many of them. It comes across as moral error. Like that finger wiggling thing you did, you know what i mean. You knew that was fucked up and did it anyways. I doubt there is hope for you. Probably not.
he's also paying for this "education" senpai
>Its better to have 30 seconds of gold than 2:30 of absolute shit

This is what I came here to post.

Right now the choreography actively detracts from the project, even if the technical aspects are good (which are hard to gauge right now obviously since it's basically just animatics). Just copy a Bruce Lee fight or something of that nature, you don't have to make it chinese martial arts themed or anything, Cowboy Bebop copied a bruce lee fight scene and it's a sci fi space show

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