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I want to play with high quality nude women. Does /3/ know of a good place to find these kinds of files?

Pornographic 3d modeling general?
blender and Manuel Bastioni Laboratory addon I guess.
I think the standalone program Makehuman is easier, plus you get the addons from the community.

Need to experiment with shaders in Blender to make it look nice though, but it's possible even on low-end rigs. I'm still working on the hair, but I accomplished this with zero raycasting in Internal and I think it looks alright. Renders really fast with this poor man's SSS.


Search around for XPS / XNALara, good bunch of ported content. Also SFMLab. You'll need a plugin to import XPS models, either https://www.mediafire.com/folder/76g7rvt4ec661/XPS or https://github.com/johnzero7/xps_tools one of them didn't work right for me, don't remember which.
None of the programs you mentioned allow you to play around with HIGH QUALITY nude woman.

XNLarana and SFM Lab is computer game model shit, they are low poly garbage models. Never ever recommend either of those on /3/ again you pleb.

Makehuman models look ass, bland.

DAZ is the way to go.
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>he doesn't realize that most SFM models on SFMLab use the genesis 3 body
oh Dazfags. Never change. You just ragged on your own program.
This post proves that Daz fags literally have something wrong with how they perceive the world.
>Makehuman models look ass, bland.
Yeah, you're supposed to use it as a base for further sculpting. It's a tool for an actual artist, but if you don't have those skills then Daz won't be the worst way for you to bust a nut and uninstall out of shame.
Hello , un i want to learn how to make sfm animations but i want to turn up a Hodge the quality and detail of the models ... any site recommendation

at their lowest subdivision, with shitty rigging (you can't actually import the original skinning since the source engine is very limited) and shitty lighting, no displacement maps and top it off with garbage low poly video game models heads screwed on. And no, most SFm models don't use the genesis 3 body, since that actually requires SFm babies to know how handle modelling software. The only person I know of who uses gen 3 bodies is lordaardvark and his shit looks awful, but there might be others too of courseĀ“, likely with similar results.

Unreal engine would be way better than SFM for easy animations.

Not an argument, come back when you actually know shit.

>base for further sculpting

You can do the same with DAZ models and they are frequently used as such, except they already got better topolgy and you don't have to waste an hour to get your base proportion right. Your hate for DAZ as a tool is illogical.

Pic related was made using a DAZ base model

SFM is shit, especially for high quality and detail of models. Learn maya or even blender instead, leave SFM babies in the dust. You can't do high subdivision / poly models in SFM, it does not support skin weights of such models well.
DAZ/Poser is the way to go.

I'd recommend Victoria 4 over Genesis or even later Victoria models because she has the most
products available (clothes, ready made characters etc) and best of all you can pirate the lot.
Maybe so but V4 looks like a goddamn blow up doll compared to Genesis 3.
Yeah, don't use V4, genesis 3 by now has so much stuff for it
>at their lowest subdivision
If you decompile any SFM model made with a genesis 3 body and compare it to one directly exported from daz, they will have the exact same topology, except the SFM model will be triangulated.
>with shitty rigging (you can't actually import the original skinning since the source engine is very limited)
No, you can import the exact same rigging, with one exception:

Source only allows 3 bones to affect a single vertex. The genesis 3 weighting has a few areas that would need to be normalized.
The biggest loss I saw when skimming the weighting was a 1.9% influence around the hip area.
You're complaining about 1.9%, as if it would make any noticeable difference in the way the rig deforms.

Now I'd normally be the first person to complain about Valve's shitty SMD and DMX file formats, but not because of the bone-vert limit. That's a minor inconvenience that will lose you maybe 5-6 very small instances of influences over your verts.
It's also just a button-press in blender to accomplish this. Not a lot of work.
The real complaint to be had is over the polygon limit, which limited your meshes to I believe it was 10k verts.
Notice I said "was".

Fortunately, many of the compilers now split meshes into 10k vert bodygroups, then stitch them back together after compiling the DMX.
So this essentially breaks the polygon limit in SFM.
You can load as many polys as your PC will handle, which is why calling SFM models "low poly garbage models" is extremely ignorant.

I haven't used SFM in a long time, but all the blind hate it gets on here is stupid. It's a fine program for just fucking around with.
Well then!
>sign ups closed
>like five models, all SFM
They're all FBX, DAE, and BLEND you daft monkey. It's basically sfmLab for Blender users, but unfortunately it is like five models. Real unfortunate but maybe when more people advance from SFM it'll gain traction.

Sign ups will open later, right now you have to PM the guy on sfmLab or on his Tumblr to get in to upload but you can still download all you want.
The shit Mod denies half the content, Some people I know would like to have uploaded about 5 things And then If the guy doesn't like 1 thing you didn't like, They would either need to find another uploading site. Or only post some content. its very shitty place. Its just only for Overwatch models edits.
It's shit
>If you decompile any SFM model made with a genesis 3 body and compare it to one directly exported from daz, they will have the exact same topology, except the SFM model will be triangulated.

exactly. That's the lowest subdiv.

>Source only allows 3 bones to affect a single vertex

Exactly. So if you sudivide your mesh, more vertices are affected by more bones because the skinning is smoothed out too.

SFM is shit

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