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I always see /3/ shit on various 3D artists for being hacks, too plain, unskilled, etc.

This got me to wonder: what ARE artists you consider good? Anyone particularly skilled, or using techniques out of the ordinary.
Andrew Price is significant figure in the autistic working for his outstanding ability to make great tutorials for me because I have no idea what I'm doing. What an artistic artist!
nature is the only 3d artist that I admire and that inspires me.
same, but only when under the influence of sweet sweet dimethyl tryptamine
perspective is a meme created by gay old walt disney and his troupe of animators
Not sure how long youve done the whole art thing, but artists like shitting on other artists, especially when anonymous. It's either cause they're jelly of someone more skilled, or because they like acting superior to someone less skilled. You can't win either way, so trust your own judgement.
fuck off
type artstation in topbox press enter
put torr frick, ben bolton and Reno Levi
I'm a hard surface boi so i like them hard surface men
File: 08_Personal_016.jpg (114 KB, 1200x861)
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Kenneth Scott. Man revolutionized 3D art early on. His early Quake skins were leagues above anything anyone else did.

Of course now his work isn't the most unique thing since other people caught up to his level, but I think it's still Him in his work rather than just generic models and textures.

Literally no idea who these other schmucks you idiots are talking about are, what have they done? Sculpt a titty? Get out.
lol another generic fishblobmonster
Your words have consequences.

And those consequences are my feelings :(
its called having taste
Adam Skutt, Caleb Nefzen, Hossein Diba, Matt Thorup, Furio Tedeschi, Gleb Alexandrov, Gilberto Magno and many more.
Andrew Price is total shit though
>Literally no idea who these other schmucks you idiots are talking about are

Why don't you look them up? You look like an idiot for not knowing who Torr Frick is

If Kenneth Scott literally invented generic ayyy derp monster sculpt, someone should go back in time and convince him to try a different style instead

>Andrew Price is total shit though

Teaching is a skill and he's a good teacher but an average modeller; but so long as his skills are superior to your own, you can learn from him.

Gleb is a great artist but he's a pretty shit teacher (though he's got a bit better over time)
I would say quite the opposite. Andrews tutorials are so fucking slow and long when he could just sum it up in 3-5 min and be done with it. I want to learn cg not listen to him blab about his day and his Asian girlfriend and see him fuck around with a vertex for 20 min. Also learning from him can be damaging to a beginning artists as he teaches bad modeling habits and weird workflows that one might have problems to shake up down the road. Gleb's tutorials are concise and to the point without all the tomfuckery, he is a better teacher in my opinion, the only down with him being that you need to have a foundations to know what the fuck he's talking about so his tuts are not aimed at absolute beginners like Andrews are.
haven't seen any of Andrew's modeling tutorials but I watched a bit of architecture academy and found he spent just the right amount of time explaining concepts. Granted that was a design-oriented video and not a modeling one.
The guy who did the models for the siege tanks in Starcraft 2. Guy is amazing.
his name is Vitaly Bulgarov
people who are unfamiliar with blender would say andrew is some kind of "master" or "guru" but he is simply just a good render artist and not anything beyond that.
the fact that he is advocating for downloading materials and textures for archviz purposes is already alarming. he can use procedurals for his entire texturing pipeline but that might make the videos longer. and his videos are quite long to start with.
blender procedural pipeline is not top notch by any means but for an artist that want to create unique patterns and textures its not fair to go hunt for textures online.

i can see why he would do that. he wants his subscribers keep coming back and be dependent on his materials and shaders, quite a business model he got. and i can't blame him for that.
archviz artists need fast solutions and it might work well for them
>ben bolton
isn't that the guy who makes his chamfers extra wide cause he doesn't know how to bake?

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