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How does do you texture paint left to look like right?
How do you replicate the colors, depth, etc?
I am starting to super hate myself this is too hard
git gud
For more complex organic objects I usually do hight poly sculpt retopo and bake AO and use that as guide, something like that can be archived with a couple of layers in substace painter
Learn coloring brah,if you can't draw it on a piece of paper, don't expect to do in texture painting.
>painting in substance painter
that is some next level masochism
How come?
User named Prior on one of the major 3D forums, don't remember which, talked about their baking process for starting their texture. Can't find it, but the image should tell you enough.

Ambient occlusion, green channel from baked normals in object space (instead of tangent space), and then cavity filter (referred to as edge detection) either on tangent or object normals, not sure which. If you're on Blender you could also try using the Dirty Vertex Colors http://adaptivesamples.com/2013/08/07/commonly-ignored-feature-6-dirty-vertex-colours/ feature and baking those by making a new material in Internal rendering mode instead of cycles, enabling nodes, and using the vertex color from a geometry node IIRC. It highlights edges and darkens crevices, a little different from AO. This will add a lot of depth. Also you'll want the highpoly for this; if there's no detail in the geometry then it'll give you no detail in the baked textures.

Color choice will help a lot as well when you get to painting. Looks like they also painted ambient light bouncing into the shadows so it goes (highlight to shadow) light, dark, sort of light.
This is a really cool find, thanks

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