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There is something wrong with sliders in MAYA 2017.
I can't resize them. First, my time slider was like half of the screen when I inserted it in MAYA interface (it IS resizable when it's in separate window). I managed to do some voodoo magic (I don't know how), but it started to appear normally, as a little slider (even thou I still can't resize it), but then I realized that I'm missing my range slider, and again the same shit is happening. When it's inserted in MAYA's UI it's EXTREMELY huge (like half of the screen) and I can't resize it as other panels.
Do I do something wrong?
I have a quite similar problem with the channel box and the attribute editor sometimes
So how do you deal with it?
You have to go to:
> Customize UI
> General tab
> Sliders
> Lock size
> Change to Dynamic or set to 1
Now go to
> Customize window
> Layout tab
> Resizing and screen limit
> Set to user defined
> Any value from 0.015 - 0.22 will do
I'm sorry, but I searched all the internet and maya and I couldn't find what you are talking about. Where are those "Customize UI" and "Customize window"?
is it your problem ? for me it works https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/maya-forum/maya-2017-range-slider-is-too-large/td-p/6794086
Yes, it is.
I don't know how you found that thread, or more likely I don't know how the hell I didn't.
Anyway, thank you so much, dude. You saved my life.

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