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Anyone know how much freelancers generally charge to create a brand logo with similar complexity to pic related?
1 gorillion dollars
in actuality? 400-500$ (with turnaround shots, the logo itself,post effects etc,posing). it could be less depending who you are contacting
No, but it's proportional to your skill level and work history. If you have a lot of experience creating logos and can prove it, you are worth more. However, just bc you are worth more doesn't neccisarily mean they will pay you more, or even what is fair. Sometimes you have to actually inform them what the difference is between a $200 logo and a $2,000. Best of luck, and make sure to protect yourself from getting ripped off or taken advantage of.
Additional question: what quality of work would I need to make to charge one gorillion dollars?
you count every hour, make your rate then do the calculation. not that hard
that's not the quality of work tho
the most expensive model i can think of would be around 10-20k dollars.

a cinematic character with fur, highpoly-lowpoly,2 levels of LOD and high res textures. would probably be like some kind of next gen character. (monster,soldier etc).
you need to understand that the price is somewhat correlated with your reputation as an artist.
let say you commission this model from one of the biggest names in the industry so you know what you are getting, this costs.
a lesser artist with no rep would cost much less, hourly and fixed
whats the most you've ever made for a piece comrade

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