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Anyone on /3/ use keyshot?? having real problems with really bad internal refractions on a pretty basic model, not sure what's causing it, I've rebuilt the parts using different methods to no avail, any ideas?

Using rhino as my cad btw
>he fell for the keyshot meme!

No I'm just joking, I don't use keyshot, but I'm sure it has to do with the model Normals and possibly the geometry, as that model looks rather low poly and like some weird shit is going on where the renderer is trying to make guesses about how to solve "edge cases" and flubbing (which is usually caused by poor topology, poles, ngons, fucked up normals, and so on).

At the very least I would convert the tris to quads, check for any non-manifold geometry, and make sure the normals are consistent
wow that's a lot to take in, it's just a really basic component this one but it's the one which is suffering the most, I'll have a look into the edges, thanks
You can render the nurbs in keyshot, it's a bit longer but try it

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