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File: 1480544995518.jpg (1.78 MB, 1448x1944)
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What about 2D editing? I got a gopro for Christmas and their software is super limited.

I have no money to spend on software, but I do have time and a willingness to learn.

Do you guys have any recommendations besides googling it?
You want to edit movies?
You could pirate a version of Adobe Premiere.
Or download DaVinci Resolve. Its actually free.

There are some OpenSource edit-programs, but so far all are not really production-ready.

You could also go full overkill and download a Non-Commercial (free) version of Nuke Studio.
File: notfree.png (120 KB, 1329x572)
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120 KB PNG

The davinci program looks interesting, but it also looks like it's 1100 euros? What am I missing here?
Left version is missing some features, but is free. Right is not free but has more features.
Just download and test it.
>>>/p/ usually have a video editing general

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