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File: boom.gif (1.57 MB, 960x540)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB GIF
First attempt at an explosion. What you guys think?
Looks good
Thats just really smoky flames. Look up actual detonations of c4 and grenades on youtube. Its an impulse wave, with condensing air, followed by dust coming from everything and then rushing in to the pressure drop. Debris will fly out from the area at anywhere fromm 100 to 1500 feet per second. Fire depends usually on the size of the charge and the brissant coefficient of the compound. Grenade will not make fire at all, rpgs might briefly ignite the air for a moment, enclosed spaces with flammable material might ignite.
Needs more "explosion" in it. The after-explosion is good, the actual explosion doesn't look like one.
wtf? you forgot to post an image, dumbass
good one
its so babby tier it doesnt deserve its own thread
Alright cool. I'll have another go this afternoon

Fair enough. It is baby tier work but it is also a dead board, largely because lonely assholes like yourself use it as somewhere to heap shit on others probably because no one will talk to you in real life. I bet you don't even do any 3d do you?
looks wierd
Looks rad. What software you use?
This looks like a slow motion fart. Go to youtube and look up some vids on explosions to see why everything about yours is wrong. Do it again.
OP, make the smoke greenish and turn it upside down. It'd make a fucking awesome projectile fart.

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