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File: test 1.png (486 KB, 1019x529)
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Making a test blockout for a new environment.

Are the shapes interesting enough?

Also general environment thread, I guess.
try to only have one big structure
(like the top pipe on each side)

But focus on that one and make it interesting.

Then while mirroring is very helpfull as a tool, it tends to be to obvious and disruptive in corridors.

Your flooring stands out a bit much.
Meaning it's a solid plane in a paneled environment and it's edges don't realy fit into the corridor.

Now you can have floor tiles that are build ontop of the "real" corridor but you have to make it look like it was done on purpose.
Reminds me of Star Trek TOS engineering
Shapes are good but you need to add some more geometry on the floor.
File: 20160905205748_1.jpg (477 KB, 1920x1200)
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I've been meaning to create something like that, like maybe a mock-up for a futuristic racing game type thing.
Saved a few screenshots from warframe i thought might be a useful reference that might be useful to you.
there is alot of factors here that you arent taking into consideration.
for example, there are lots of baked objects here which will be the majority of your work. you seem to have started with lowpoly geometry and you will have to compensate with really good texturing.
secondly, to create an envrionment like that you would have to create a library of objects then place them like a puzzle, you don't block the entire thing straight away even tho it seems like the right thing to do.
third, its a realtime environment so it has that "look" your if you are planning on rendering your environment make sure to plan where the perspective and the lights are going to be.
cont. im doing the same thing myself and i find it to be alot harder than i initially thought.
as an environment artist you will only have certain duties to each part of the environment. as a portfolio piece you will have to do all the work which is not very realistic but at this point you will need to dedicate lots of time to planning which will be 50% of your work.
Asymmetry is a cheap way to make things interesting, leave only the big tube on the left and the two small tubes on the right.
Also, start using greebles and baked details, once you start it becomes fun as fuck and saves you some work for the next time.
Approach to the scene as if you were really going to build it IRL: where would te tubes attach to? How much light is there going to be? How are the walls tied to the ceiling/floor?

Try basing it in part on shit that occurs in real life. Ridley Scott dismantled an old bomber airplane and turned it inside out to make the set for his Alien movie, to great effect.
wow another corridor?
He's a hack that literally makes the same movie over and over. Hav you even seen the new trailelr? God awful
>Are the shapes interesting enough?
nope, you could have some support structures coming off the walls
you also try making either side a bit different by changing the type or placement of the piping
maybe add an end piece for the corridor, maybe it bulks up when it connect to the main corridor or maybe it becomes rounded or beveled, tho if you are not going to show that end piece in any renders/walkabouts don't spend much time in it
maybe the ceiling could have parts were it becomes lower or higher (vents, piping perpendicular to the corridor, etc.)
has the community at polycount done something bad to you? actual artists post there and give critique for free if you don't behave like an ass

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