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Does someone here makes a good money selling 3D stuff? Good enough to live creating and selling objects?

I think theres a market into each category (vehicles, buildings, characters, etc) and some of them can sell more than other and so on.

Whats /3/ opinion about this
stylized assets sell much better than realistic ones.

people who are good at handpainting make mad cash on unity store. those who do PBR not so much.
part of the reason is avalibility. clients don't care if its PBR or anything else as long as its realistic. with handpainted you are offering something other's can't which is style

Well looks like i will try to be good at handpainting, because im bad at it lol. I only know how to edit and create textures in photoshop, but not from scratch...
Try to practice some actual digital painting and work from there. A little 2D art experience is never a bad thing for a 3D artist.
Surely a better reason would be because of the appeal of stylized assets in indie/mobile games, and because making stylized games seems like an easier deal to lots of people who would fit in the category that would buy assets? (not saying it necessarily is, but a crappy stylized game looks better than a crappy "photorealistic" game)

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