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I'm developing a program that will be doing real-time rendering. Is it worth it to use Vulkan or should I stick with OpenGL?
there are virtually no tutorials for vulkan
OpenGL if you want something with support now at the cost of your code being depreciated in the future. Vulkan if you want to take full advantage of SLI, and newer graphics cards and don't mind venturing into uncharted (undocumented) territory.
>don't mind venturing into uncharted (undocumented) territory.
there's so little documentation and examples you basically need to be a 10/10 programmer to even consider it
Just read through the source code, and the example programs. It's not that hard.
literally https://vulkan-tutorial.com/
What kind of stupid question is that?
Vulkan of course, are you retarded or what?
anyone with any experience developing vulkan code or even looking at youtube vulkan tutorials will see that it takes 10x more effort and boilerplate code to develop with vulkan than opengl. i take it yoo havent done either of these things since you just pointed to a babby level tut
>Reading the source code is babby level
u w0t
It heavily depends on the scope of your program and what you are trying to accomplish.

In general I would say that unless you do it for academic purposes, in the sense of wanting to learn how to accomplish something like this, you should use an already existing rendering framework rather than developing it from scratch. Otherwise you will put a lot of work into something which others have done for you already. The effort that goes into something like this is easily underestimated since it's fairly easy to write a small tech-demo that presents a specific scene and maybe even offers a little bit of interaction. But as soon as you try to make things more general, things will get complicated soon, and designing a good infrastructure is far from easy since you need to know about the intricacies of how things fit together and try to wrap them properly around the often quite clunky interfaces (at least in the case of OpenGL - I don't have any experience with Vulkan).

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