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alright. enough is enough. im having lots of trouble with UE4 and i was thinking if any UE4 nerds here can help me.

>why does UE4 does not retain the same pivot point that i use to export from blender?
>why when i reset the pivot point it only works once and then i have to do it again?
>ctrl+end. what does it do exactly and how does it benefit me?
>is there a way to to lay out static meshes in modular fashion? so far im getting shading errors, in blender its not the case.
>why does UE4 does not retain the same pivot point that i use to export from blender?

UE4 always uses 0,0 as the pivot/origin
my pivot seem to be like 4 meters away from my object
i have same problems ;\
Is your object centered to the world center in whatever software you use to model?
blender. im in global transform orientation. and i usually use align transform to geometry
show us your whole scene
i solved problem 4. i noticed that if i export prebuilt envrionment from blender to ue4 it has no problems.
When you export from Blender it exports your model in world space coordinates not local. So if you model origin isn't at 0,0,0 in Blender it won't be at 0,0,0 in UE4. Also, make sure you tick 'Selected Only' when exporting FBX otherwise you export everything (unless that's what you want).

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