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Working on a project and have come upon an issue I can't seem to find an answer for.

I am trying to make a reflective surface in C4D (the pics here are not from the actual project, just for reference) and despite my best efforts, I can't figure out where I'm going wrong.

I've applied a white color to the cube and then went into refectance>Add>Refection (Legacy) and when I go into render, the cube disappears, but the reflection still somewhat shows.

I'm probably missing something simple, I've not had a need for a good refelction before so I've never really used it before but google has been no help
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Here it is in render view
Everything works as intended.
You are just too retarded to realize that the cube is still there, but since there is nothing to reflect in the scene except the sphere, there is nothing else to see in your render.

Drop in a physical sky and you'll see.
Thanks, though I'm not sure how insulting someone is helpful in any way. I did add the physical sky as you suggested and got the reflection to work, but the cube shows up as white as opposed to the color I added to it, is it because of the brightness of the physical sky?
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Did you really need to make an entire thread for this?
This is how reflections are supposed to work.

first of all delete this tag. It isn't doing anything and it can only pointlessly conflict with your textures.
also don't use the legacy reflection. It's disgusting.

I guess I'll explain how reflections work.
If a material is 100% reflective, it will only reflect everything in the scene, and will not have a color of its own. It will show up as "nothing", and it will mirror everything in the scene.
Same rules apply when you add a light to the scene. It will reflect the light 100%.

Imagine a regular, non-tinted mirror in real life. What color is it?
The answer is, it appears to not have a color, because it is reflecting everything that is in view instead.
Now imagine putting the mirror in a vacuum, with nothing around it to reflect.
What color is it?
Scientifically I'm sure there's a different answer, but for the purposes of 3D, it will turn completely black, because there is no light, and nothing around it to reflect.
Now shine a bright light at it.
It turns entirely the color of the light, because it is the only thing to reflect.

Turn down the reflectivity. You could've googled this.
It is helpful if it teaches you some respect for the time of other people, you talent-less, decent-less fucking noob.
You didn't read the fucking manual.
You didn't watched a couple of beginners tutorials.
You didn't lurked in some forums silently.
I very much have respect for people and their time, my active theory being that if it was too inconvenient and too wasteful of their time, they would simply continue scrolling and not even bother with my waste of time question. I came here for help because there was something i didn't understand, and was having a hard time finding the answer myself, so i came here where people who may know a bit more than me and be able to help seem to congregate. I am a noob, admitedly, and being as I am new, I don't know how everything works (peopele take time to learn things, and don't just instantly know everything about their interests after all) So I simply asked for a little help from folks who may have an answer. Your insults are not necessary
>Your insults are not necessary

You're on 4Chan dude, you're gonna get insulted. You got some good advice; good luck in your efforts.

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