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File: IMG_20170102_200529.jpg (54 KB, 568x960)
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This is my first time making armor, and only my second model. Could you tell me what you think?
File: Terror Trooper v2 Armor.png (128 KB, 1920x1018)
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128 KB PNG
Heres a better picture
That knife is tiny, and it's basically a giant box. It look less like armour, and more like cardboard.
Also the hands are bad, and not anatomical.
Soften your normals man
also, why did you make 2 fucking threads while you should post this is the WIP thread you colossal homo?
this is stylistically cool. I like it. cod fans would hate this tho.

>made two threads
i think it's good that you learned how to take screen shots, but you need to stop making so many threads. this is the 4th thread you made in just one month and they're all still on the board.
The knees look like smiley faces
File: jerry attrick.jpg (15 KB, 300x223)
15 KB

None of the joints would be able to bend. The articulation is all wrong.
It's a start and a decent base to work with.

Now a few things i would do next:

1. Learn to bevel edges and to use vertex groups with a smooth shader (for example at the shoulderpads)
Assuming you want to keep the vertex count low ... otherwise use a subdiv modifier

2. Isolate all the pieces that you modelled out of one continious mesh.
You ll need to redo most of them somwhat.
(For example upper and lower legs)

3. Add at least another layer
This is a big one and what will more or less make or break your design.

Basically take what you have and use it as baseline of the outer armor plating.

Then think of the possible layers underneath and start chipping away at the clunky boxes.

Especially joints cannot simply be 2 armor plates rubbing against each other.

Either add a mech style layer ontop or a layer underneath and use them to define the joints.

Not only will this add more detail and make the armor look more complex ... it also should help with the plastic soldier feeling your modell currently gives off.

4. Problematic areas so far

*the breastplate:
Extrusions and simple shapes are fine but this is just not enough and looks very clunky.
Again look at the breastplate as another layer, in this case ontop of the base armor.

Then isolate it more from the rest and add details.

And think about the purpose of that plate.
Is it another layer of armor, providing extra protection to the chest?

If that's the case then widen it and give it a distintivly more sturdy look than the other armor parts.

Is it maybe some kind of connector/batterypack for your guys tools/weapons?

If so then maybe scale down it's width and add those connections, cables and whatnot.

Is it just fluff that you couldn't bother thinking about?

(It is, isn't it? ^^)
Then use it to solve the whole neck issue.
Make the thing go around the neck to the back.

The next problem are the hips or in your case the non existance of them.

First of, it's almost always a bad idea to have such a pronounced ... well let's call it crotch cup.

For full body armor in many cases the hips are a problematic area.

A lot of parts get together there and at the same time it's one of the areas that have to look light and flexible.

Cut back on the torso armor in the hip region and let the "2nd" layer shine trough.

"Underarmor" pants would allow you to basically keep the sturdy structure of your upper leg armor and have them kinda like tigh and shin protectors.

*The legs

Your upper leg armor goes way to high.
(See my point about your soldier not having hips)

Lower them a bit and work on a lighter armored layer underneath.

Then start cutting holes into the shin and tigh armor to even further showcase that there is something underneath those metal plates.

I would recommend for the most part to only keep the front section of those armor pieces and reduce them more and more the further back they go.

More like a strapped on armor segment rather than mech warrior legs.

This would also allow you to make space at the side and back of the knee joint.

Making it look like it actually can bend ;)
And like always, the knee joint (joints in generall) is a great spot to let the layer underneath the plates shine trough.

*Shins and boots
Now you have some kind of strange meld between shin plates and boots.

The slight bend towards the feet doesn't help with that.

I would recommend to drag the shin plate (the part with the bolt looking nobs) down a bit and make a clear cut.

Then after that cut add the boots.
Make sure it's clearly visible where the shin ends and where the feet begin.

That should be enough for now

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