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I have not modelled anything in like a month so I'm a bit rusty so can anyone tell me the best way to model a daruma in maya?
that shape is about as simple as it gets, just box model it? shouldn't take you more than a few minutes
File: daruma.png (68 KB, 573x462)
68 KB
i guess this shape is a bit more nuanced than i gave it credit for, but here's the basic shape which you could take into the sculpting program of your choice and refine.
Not sure about the terminology in maya but oh well.

To me it seems like the only problem could be to get the additional loops for the transition between the faces you want for the face and the ones for the body.

In which case the inset operation all tools except maya have would be ideal.

But i think playing with mayas extrude offset values can do the trick.

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