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File: 1483163227615.png (12 KB, 243x243)
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Looking for some inspiration. It has been a few weeks and I cannot think of anything to make. What do you do when your fresh out of ideas?
I work on getting indy VR games out and onto the app stores
Sweet! I was working on one but I never got past putting materials on my objects. What are their names going to be? I want to check them out
Model something that's 2D, like something from a show or artwork, as practice.
File: hey.jpg (15 KB, 363x363)
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This, When i can't think of a project, i just work on cartoon characters. Neat to see them 3D and good practice.
it seems youve got enough time. so try exploring new features of your programm. also watch through artstation or similar sites for inspiration. i suggest considering a long term project if you got enough time make something which is really challenging. like complex animations, simulations etc.
>What do you do when your fresh out of ideas?
i usually browse through the images in my drive usually something comes up
Cool viruses
Watch a cool movie, tv-show, anime or whatever interests you. You know what you want to create when you see it.
Will try to model the first reply to this post

Environments only, pls, I'm a hack
No, I mean like, post a picture
cant be fucked.
It's okay anon, I'll look it up myself then (unless someone posts something cooler ;) )
whats a good website to find inspiration? i wanna make an environment piece but cant find anything simple but captivating enough
Jesus christ, this is just as bad as "I want to make a game, where do I start?". You know what you like. Google it.
>google something
>only sjw results
pinterest for reference, surprisingly. kinda like a google image search that gets curated and tailored for better specific results, and gets updated with new stuff regularly

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