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I'm trying to find a good/cheap design program for MAC so I can design a storage cabinet with drawers for the cab of my pickup truck. I have zero experience with any kind of CAD programs. Any recommendations?
>Any recommendations?
graph paper and a ruler
doublecad xt
> I have zero experience with any kind of CAD programs.

I don't have much either myself. I'd suggest you check with >>>/diy/ as well, they actually do what you're intending to and can offer more practical advice.

>doublecad xt
Heads-up, DoubleCAD XT is Windows-only and not even in that list.

DraftSight and FreeCAD look like your best bets here. Most of the other software listed here shouldn't be classed under CAD at all (i.e. not all 3D modeling applications are practical for physically designing something to be built).

If you can, come back later and let us know what worked best for you.
Sketchup. Free and not really hard for that sort of thing.
seconding sketchup

for someone totally new to this and just wanting something easy, sketchup excels at this kind of stuff

look up some basic tutorial on modeling a cabinet on youtube then do your own.
>for MAC
Baffled why anyone would do this. Tools for any kind of creative work are very rare on MAC, especially the more technical kind.
Rhiniceros 5.0 could help. Get a demo (download full on apked) Watch a tutorial or download a manual
Autodesk Fusion 360

Runs on MAC
Is an actual CAD program
Also a CAE program.
Free for students

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