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Could someone explain how to make zsphere meshes conform more accurately to the original shape when converted to a mesh (other then just adding more cuts/spheres)? Its been years since I used zbrush, but am quite sure it was possible to get a result that's not overly smoothed.
you first make the basic shape with zspheres then use what i think called "adaptive skin" to give it some form and test the movement of the limbs.
then you can choose whatever polygroup you have and inflate it even more before getting to the sculpt itself
I'm actually using adaptive skin in the pic (with density set to 4). Tried messing around with its settings but none of them seemed to improve how the geometry conformed to the zspheres in any significant way.
dont use classic skinning
As old as it is, z-spheres don't cause deformation, as opposed to transpose.
fuck, z-spheres already came out 10 years ago..........
are you fucking dense? zspheres is only for fucking rigging im actually done with this place fucking literal retarded questions, go do a tutorial from start to finish come back and see if it doesnt answer you r fucking question you satupid fucking mongoloid faggot

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