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Can someone explain occulus medium and why things need to be "made" VR acceptable with some kind of elaborate process instead of just realizing we're already working in 3d space?

Like can I export any model from maya and look at it in VR? Why can't we map the cursor and the left mouse click button to the vr controller and just use zbrush? We're already in 3d space. We should just have zbrush vr, why have the medium app?

Im clueless about this so just let me know. I take it that we do need a 360 and 3d camera but like the viewport can already do that in any program.
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Because implementing the Oculus or OpenVR SDK is probably a bit more involved than you think. Also licensing (openvr is not open).

Medium is nice because it's built from the ground up to work with Touch and be accessible to a broad audience, it's a powerful tool but it's not designed as a professional tool. You can make beautiful shit in it though.
Projection is different obviously, so something needs to translate the geometry to fit that.

Then there is the issue of the view being relative rather than always fixed like a monitor's viewport. For example in VR you should be able to look away from something but still interact with it if it is in range.
>openvr is not open
oh the irony
>be able to look away from something but still interact with it if it is in range.

But you can do that in common CAD and 3d software. I can move the viewport wherever in Rhino and still modify geometry

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