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File: face7.png (331 KB, 781x776)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
Can /3/ critique this face?
Something seems off to me.
File: legend.jpg (169 KB, 700x700)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
that nose, philtrum and mouth make me want to kill myself lol
looks like a pack of dogs each took a creamy shit on his head while trying to scoot away at the same time
Yeah the bridge looks anorexic and the nostrils are too flat. The mouth is a WIP. I think the cheeks are kinda throwing me off too?
Yeah definately. the color is way off. The normal texturing looks like shit too. Do you have any suggestions for fixing it, other than color?
Give more views

The face looks a bit long
Ears are too far back and close to the head
Push the cheeks back into the face a bit then pull them outwards

Looks like a relative of tracer that got the odd genes.
File: gummo-bathtub-scene.jpg (289 KB, 2000x1500)
289 KB
289 KB JPG

oh god dont remind me of this shit
No form.
Anatomy is one thing (size/position of everything), but the actual shapes of the face is another challenge. You gotta learn planes of the face to represent them properly, the mouth for example is composed of four alternating planes (with more complex sub-planes) while yours is more akin to a slit into a blob. A nose also isn't teardrop-shaped.

Taking anatomy takes time and effort, but you gotta do it if you want your character sculpts not to look ridiculous.
You are missing a lot of the major plane changes in the face. Thinks like the brow ridge and the bulge of the eyeball within the socket. You seem to be "symbol sculpting" where instead of looking at how a face actually follows planes, you're sculpting based on your own internal interpretation of what a face looks like. Study the planes of the face first, then work on some anatomy.
As far as the texturing goes, it could use some work. I see that you're using a photo, but you're using it with shadows. Those shadows in the photo appear because of the light hitting the form of the face - it's entirely about form. Since you model is the form, you don't want shadows in your diffuse. Try just color picking from the photo,adding some imperfections here and there by clone-stamping or painting. Also look into the color zones of the face, skin is transluscent and you get many different colors coming through different areas of the body (ie: the red about the eyes/nose because the skin is thinner and you can see more blood beneath). Don't worry about pore detail/lip detail, that'll come with your displacement map.
As far as hair goes, I would suggest approaching it more as ribbons than tubes. Tubes tend to read as dreads or just weird shapes. Even with stylized characters, their hair looks like the sum of a series of ribbons forming a shape with usually 4 flat sides
The hair looks like someone took a shit on his head.
these eyebrows and eyelashes look top notch
>no visible depth below the eye
>indent around the nose seems off
>eye socket looks flat

Either those or your lighting is too bright
Looks like trump's hair rotated 90 degrees to the right.

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