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Why do almost all tutorials on youtube for 3d software have some sperg who talks like he has a mouth full of spit and slurs their words like they have legit fucking brain damage? i can't stand it, i have to watch with the sound off and closed caption.

like fucking mike hermes. what the fuck is wrong with that guy. why do i get the feeling that he desperately wants to be a serial killer but can't work up the balls to do it? fucking LOOK at this abortion of a human being. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5W1e0E5c-A every time he fucking says something i hear him take a deep breath... smack his lips... fucking kill me

who the fuck makes this shit https://www.youtube.com/user/OnlineMediaTutor

listen to this faggot. his mic is so fucking close to his mouth i can feel his fucking lips on my ear. https://www.youtube.com/user/VirtusEdu what the fuck is with him? no really. i want to know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1M3S3eiJK5I

i'm not complaining about the content. i'm not endorsing the content either. but the paid tutorials i've seen, they're all dealing specifically with generic cutesy retarded shit that isn't actually relevant to anything that anyone would ever want to do.

is there any path except the one you make yourself?
Sorry to tell you OP but people who are knowledgeable about 3D software are huge nerds
why do you care?

it makes me angry, that's why i care.
i just get other tutorials.
really the ones i hate are those 12 yr old mouthbreathes with sound quality like they are underwater

those one's are bad too. but just as bad are the ones with a decent mic that's too close to their mouth and they have no technique in their diction or self awareness.

really, any amount of self awareness will fix all of these problems, but apparently it's fucking scarce.
Well, what about dudes who spend 20 minutes explaining some shit, which could be done in 2-5 minutes?
Often they don't only speak slow, they insert lots of eh and ah and "you know".
NO, fuck you i don't know.

yeah, i've watched a lot of videos and done a lot of thinking about the small things in life. and it just blows me away what these people will be satisfied with as a representation of themselves.

i did some work as a stenographer for a while and i learned to hate listening to people talk. i grew to hate the sound of the human voice. i can find so many things wrong with most examples of speaking and it makes me physically angry. like an actual fight or flight sensation in my body.

and yeah, these videos are like 30-50 minutes... and i get the thing by clicking around in 4 minutes.

i've also developed this unshakeable theory that americans don't have accents and this leads to speculation on metaphysical rome and stuff.

i should acknowledge i think that most of this is just me being really sensitive to things that people mostly gloss over, but that doesn't stop me from feeling 100% real hatred over it. it even bothers me that some people aren't bothered with it.

i think the hatred is of the unintentional human. these people are speaking, but the sounds they're making and the words they're saying aren't deliberate. it's basically a nervous mental flatulence. the only sounds a human should make are either speech or singing. but people don't even have mental control over their face and mouth, and make lots of squishing and sloshing noises. it makes me fucking hate them. i feel like a psychopath but i want to brutally kill them with a baseball bat because of this. i visualize it and grit my teeth.

was your goal to record yourself breathing for me? no? THEN WHY THE FUCK DID YOU? 'I DIDN'T NOTICE', WELL TRY NOT NOTICING *THIS* (bloody cracking of skull with aluminum bat, blood and gore, falling over the chair, over and over, thwack thwack thunk thunk)

Please tell me this is pasta.


no :(

please tell me what this man is saying. it's 3ds Max.

at 55 seconds, current time embed didn't work
File: dafuq.jpg (78 KB, 444x369)
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>hollafujkskanalla, you've got boxes, spheres

it literally sounds like someone fed a neural network sounds of people talking and it composed syllables and consonants after many generations. that or it's another language. or he's autistic.

A lot of professionals even have small speech problems and possible Anxiety

Others write out what they say and still shoot the place up with umms and okays

I mute the volume at this point. Unless I'm watching a class level tutorial. All of my favorite artist no longer make tutorials but I still watch their streams and talk to them on twitter.

Pajeet is dominating the tutorial market. They're usually shit and explain nothing these days. Just mute and watch

it's kind of disturbing finding a channel with 300 horribly done tutorials all produced by some sperglord with a 5 dollar microphone who stounds like he has down syndrome showing you the stuff that it would take 2 minutes to look up on the autodesk knowledge center. and they have a logo, and channel custom graphics and stuff... and it's like the whole thing is some sort of transcendental jeopardy question that god invented to teach you the meaning of "why"
My cousin and I still go tutorial hunting to talk shit about some of them.

Indians take the cake for me. Umms every fucking second AND they have to stop often because they don't know a certain word.
It's quite possible that the requirement to be decent at 3D is some form of autism.

The worst part is when it's a very specific problem or procedure you're trying to accomplish, and the only tutorial out there is by some fucking mouthbreather or 12 year old minecraft animator, so you HAVE to sit there for 30 minutes listening to their shit.
In addition it also makes you feel bad, because in most cases the dude is much more knowledgeable than you, despite being unable to articulate himself worth shit.

>The worst part is when it's a very specific problem or procedure you're trying to accomplish, and the only tutorial out there is by some fucking mouthbreather or 12 year old minecraft animator, so you HAVE to sit there for 30 minutes listening to their shit.

it's torture

>In addition it also makes you feel bad, because in most cases the dude is much more knowledgeable than you, despite being unable to articulate himself worth shit.

haha yes. i feel pretty ingrateful while fantasizing about bludgeoning them while they're helping me.

i don't want to say that 'you have to be mentally ill to be good at 3D design' because i'm fairly sure that at the very top level, the guys are much flyer than i. i don't want to sound like i'm saying 'oh i'd be that good except i'm not a retard', or 'tfw to intelligent to be good at modelling'. but it does seem to take a form of autism. extreme single pointed focus for long periods and retarded attention to detail, the ability to master a stupid quantity of information about software and processes...
I am a littlebit autistic but i think i could make a comprehensible, focused and consumable tutorial, the problem is i am not a native English speaker.
While i can read fast and understand quite good, my speech is a terrible mix of german accent, wrong spelling, and questionable grammar.

Thinking in german and translating it on the fly into english, produces long pretentious sounding sentences with lots of ehs and ahs, i guess, you know?
So i am not going to waste my time and the time of others, so that they can fantasize to bludgeon me to death while i pretend to teach.

>it's torture

totally, i don't want to be a part in it.
File: 2016-12-30_121731.jpg (49 KB, 723x465)
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I like this dude

His tutorials are so comfy and his voice is clear and the videos without all the loud "youtuber culture" bullshit
Strange, i knew immediately who you are talking about without even clicking the link.
I kinda like him, but he is too slow for me and deals mainly with modelling, a topic i don't need much tutorials for

I like this

i sincerely appreciate your willingness to help the young in this community, and your discretion in not creating another audio nightmare by doing so.

alternatively, you can script out the text for the video, and record yourself shouting commands at the mic as a nazi SS officer in german, give it 1940 era treatment, and then edit the audio for the video, while relying on subtitles for the audience to understand. that'd be a work of art in itself .

on another note https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-W_chgaIsA this is the best beginners tutorial for 3ds Max i've found. dude is not a sperg and knows what he's talking about, very thorough, actually shows you stuff you will use and explains why you'll use it.
The guy you linked sound pretty much ok compared to this one, which sounds like a retard:

Anyway, I think I hate no voice tutorials more than anything, I basically instantly close the video everytime I check there are no voice explanation (or at least some good explanation captions)

where do these people get the fucking idea that they should make a tutorial when they sound like this? can they not hear themselves?
>these videos are like 30-50 minutes... and i get the thing by clicking around in 4 minutes

h-holy shit, this is someone who gets it.

that blew my fucking mind. brb investigating his channel.
>"hello, my name is pajeet suleytan, and today we will see how to create a cloth simulation in maya"
>"first, we will be booting a fresh new install of maya 2017. please follow me as I guide you through how to do this through this tutorial."
File: why.jpg (57 KB, 358x296)
57 KB
kek, thanks mang.
Actually no, they don't. Like most peole, since it's a brain glitch, as our mind glosss over most of it in most conversation situations, but becomes glaringly obvious in recording. At least that is my hunch.

Try recording a conversation you havr, then listen to it. (Record long enough to forget that you are recording for best effect).

A tutorial is a bit like speakng in public, which takes practice for most people.
"Today, I'm going to teach you about ncloth."
"Ncloth is, well. ncloth is basically... like a cloth."
>pulls up cloth in front of camera
File: faggot.png (440 KB, 528x552)
440 KB
440 KB PNG

words in middle of screen read 'wait for it'
>*stands out of camera's view and hops into chair really clumsily*
words in middle of screen read 'pow'
>*thinks to self, 'they won't know that was a forced affection*
"hey guys, what's up"
>*smacks mouth*
>*smacks mouth again*
>stupid grin at camera
"i am here... to do..."
>*looks at computer to see if it's still there* (it is)
"another maya tutorial"
>camera cuts as he looks back from computer
"and i want to share with you some fun stuff"
with... maya"
>gestures with hands
"like ncloths. well..."
>kitschy eye roll and his hands pat on thigh, indicating homosexuality.

nine hundred and sixty five seconds to go!

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