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File: wip55555.jpg (56 KB, 640x464)
56 KB
Hi guys, do you think i have a chance?

I haven't done 3d work in 2 years, pic related was my last wip shot before i finally give up and work at a call centre full time.

I had a spark again and feel motivated to try again. im lurking but soon im ready to post new works. Thanks
File: blokkk.jpg (124 KB, 970x790)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
i tried a gun too but i can never complete anything , which is why i gave up. so sucks
have patience when you work

then you gain speed and don't need so much time to finish things. gaining speed is important that's why you need to model constantly

Yes you do. I am trying to finish a project once a month while working. Just set goals.
Hey want to work together to get better? Would be nice to have a buddy to help focus on becoming better with.
That would be nice
Alright, what's your kik?
Kik? I don't have one, I guess I can make one...

I was under the impression its an app to send nudes.
Made an account: yuze3d

Just give up bro. Save up and buy property instead.
you can join other procrastinators on our /3/ discord channel
we can not model together

Not OP but what is this exactly? Is it audio only?

I can't concentrate on talking and working at the same time how would this be useful?
its like irc but in the year of our lord 2017
with posting pictures and shit
I think it looks nice, but the fuck man
its a text chat channel

no one ever uses the vc

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